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Unprtoect several progs.
File UNP-A-D.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Unprtoect several progs.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
123V2.UNP 2048 695 deflated
123V201.ZIP 4483 4330 deflated
AARDVARK.UNP 3673 1544 deflated
ABC.UNP 3072 1327 deflated
ANCWAR.UNP 2304 990 deflated
ARTWORK.UNP 2944 1151 deflated
BAKUP.TXT 2771 1357 deflated
BAKUP204.UNP 2816 1364 deflated
BANNER.UNP 2048 941 deflated
BOOK.UNP 1408 453 deflated
BRUSHWRK.UNP 1792 686 deflated
CASTWOLF.BAT 256 55 deflated
CASTWOLF.DOC 1408 701 deflated
CASTWOLF.INP 256 88 deflated
CHARTMAS.LBR 8064 7228 deflated
CLIPPER.LBR 6656 6029 deflated
CLOUT.LBR 4864 4349 deflated
CONTRAP.UNP 768 381 deflated
COPYWRIT.UNP 2304 1031 deflated
CORNER.UNP 4224 1779 deflated
DAMBUST.UNP 1280 625 deflated
DB3ZAP.LBR 8832 971 deflated
DBASE.LBR 23424 21136 deflated
DIAGRAPH.LBR 3968 2663 deflated
DIAGRM50.UNP 941 547 deflated
DISKMECH.UNP 384 199 deflated
DOL&SEN.UNP 2560 1034 deflated
DOUBLDOS.LBR 12544 10847 deflated
DRHALO.UNP 4224 1633 deflated
DRMASTER.UNP 1152 578 deflated
LUE.COM 2816 2066 deflated

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Contents of the BAKUP.TXT file

HOW TO "UNPROTECT" "BAKUP" by Software Integration.

BAKUP is fairly well protected. You must use a good copy program such
as COPYWRIT, or a hardware copy device such as the COPY II OPTION BOARD
to copy the distribution disk. If you use COPYWRIT, you must also run
RAMKEY before INSTALLING BAKUP. Because BAKUP is "installed" on the
hard disk, and makes notes to itself about your system's configuration,
about the best you can do is to INCREASE the number of allowed installs.
The way to do this is as follows:

First, copy the distribution disk! NEVER fool around with your original

Next, using Norton Utilities on the copy, use SELECT FILE and select the
ROOT DIRECTORY. Look at the byte at offset 48 (hex 30). This byte is
one of the "reserved" bytes for a hidden file whose name is the serial
number of your copy of BAKUP. For instance, if your serial number is
04123122442, the file name would be 04123122.442.

On a "new" copy of BAKUP, the value of this byte is 03, indicating 3
installs. If you've installed the distribution disk once or more times,
this byte may show 02, 01 or possibly 00.

Move the cursor to the byte, and type "FF" (FF hex, or 255 decimal, the
largest number that one can put in a byte). Next hit ESC, and then
RETURN or F1 to write the new number of "installs" to the diskette.

If you now run the INSTALL program, you will find that BAKUP has
obligingly granted you 255 installs before you have to repeat this
procedure for 255 more installs...

For those unfamiliar with Norton's NU program, here's a script of
keystrokes for doing this. Assume NU is on B: and default drive is A:.
BAKUP copy is in A:.

F1 (change selection)
F3 (select file)
(select root dir)
F2 (explore disk)
F5 (display or modify)
(change display type)
(change display type again)
(cursor should be at offset 48, hex 30)
FF (type "FF")
(tell NU to WRITE)

Note: when fooling around with directories, BE CAREFUL! You can easily

Note also: If you install, then uninstall with the altered install
count, BAKUP appears not to increment the number of installs. It will
show 254 installs available after one install/deinstall cycle. However,
with this many installs, and the technique outlined here, this should
hardly present a problem...


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