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Unprotect program for ST 25th Anniversary game.
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Unprotect program for ST 25th Anniversary game.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
READ.ME 514 306 deflated
REFERENC.TXT 600 372 deflated
ST25UNPR.ZIP 26496 25117 deflated
STARFIX.COM 1261 1260 deflated
STARFIX.DOC 2067 1025 deflated
STARINST.COM 982 979 deflated
STARMAP.GIF 18043 17681 deflated
STARTREK.DOC 7312 2720 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

On this disk, you will find some files you should copy to where you installed
Star Trek after you do so. They are:
STARINST.COM - allows you to decompress Star Trek from a hard disk (see below)
STARFIX.COM - removes the document-based Starmap copy protection after instaall
STARFIX.DOC - documentation for the above two programs. Read before using
STARMAP.GIF - graphics file of the Starmap used in the game
REFERENC.TXT - Star names that go with STARMAP.GIF
STARTREK.DOC - complete docs for the game

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