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Arc/Unarc Mean 18 golf courses and select course from menu. New for '89.
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Arc/Unarc Mean 18 golf courses and select course from menu. New for ’89.
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Contents of the M18MENU.DOC file

M18 Course Menu 2.0
Copyright 1989 Mark A. Albrecht
All Rights Reserved


The author, Mark A. Albrecht, makes no warranties expressed
or implied as to the quality or performance of this program,
nor its fitness for a particular purpose. The author will
not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or
consequential damages resulting from the use of this program.
DISCLAIMER and your release of the author from any form of
liability or litigation.


M18 Course Menu is a utility designed for use with Accolade Inc.'s
"Mean 18" computer golf game. (For the sake of clarity, the following
terms are used: "M18Menu" means this utility, and "Mean 18" means the
actual golf game.


- COURSE ARCHIVING: Each Mean 18 course file typically occupies in
excess of 100K of disk space. Multiple courses eat
up disk space fast. To help alleviate this problem,
M18Menu utilizes PKWARE Inc.'s PKPAK and PKUNPAK
file compression utilities to maintain course
files. (PKPAK and PKUNPAK are Copyright 1986-1989
PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved.) By using
M18Menu, up to 60-75% of the disk space occupied
by course files is saved.

- COURSE MENU: M18Menu features a point-and-shoot menu listing all
of the courses in the current directory. To play a
particular course, just move the menu's cursor bar
over the desired course's name, press RETURN, and
M18Menu does all the work.


1. DOS 3.0 or later.
2. Accolade Inc.'s Mean 18, and 1 or more course files.
3. PKWARE Inc.'s PKPAK and PKUNPAK file compression/decompression
4. Any monitor capable of displaying Mean 18 itself.
5. Though not essential, M18Menu was written for use on a hard disk.


1. Copy the following to one directory:
a) Mean 18's "GOLF.EXE", "GOLF.DAT", "*.M18", and "*.HOF"
b) "M18MENU.EXE";
c) "PKUNPAK.EXE" and "PKPAK.EXE" (unless they reside in a
directory included in your DOS "PATH" environment variable.

2. Run "M18MENU.EXE". The first time M18Menu is run, it will search the
directory for all files having a filename extension of ".M18" and
".HOF". It will then display a prompt informing you of the number of
course files found, and asking you if you wish to proceed with
archiving (compressing) each of the course files. Enter "Y" (for
"YES") and M18Menu will call PKPAK to create ".ARC" files for each
of the courses found. Once all course files have been archived, all
".M18" and ".HOF" files will be erased from the directory. When
finished, the directory will contain archive file(s) having names
corresponding with the course file within each archive. M18Menu
will then pop up the point-and-shoot course menu listing the names
of all courses found in the directory. Press the ESC key to exit
M18Menu, or highlight the desired course and press RETURN if you
wish to play a course.


To play a course, simply run "M18MENU.EXE", select a course from
the menu, and M18Menu does the rest. Here's how it works:

When a course is chosen from the menu, M18Menu calls PKUNPAK and
instructs it to extract the course file (".M18") and "Hall of Fame" file
(".HOF") from their respective archive file.
Mean 18 ("GOLF.EXE") is then executed, and searches the directory
for the first filename having an extension of ".M18", which, of course,
will be the one we just un-archived. Mean 18 then loads the course. You
play the course, and exit from Mean 18 as usual.
After you finish play and exit Mean 18, M18Menu cleans up the
directory by calling PKPAK and instructing it to update the (".HOF")
file contained in the course's archive file. M18Menu then erases the
".HOF" file from the directory. Thus, the course's archive file now
contains the ".M18" file and an updated ".HOF" file.
M18Menu will then display a prompt asking you if you wish to play
again. Enter "Y" and the course selection menu will re-appear. Enter
"N" and M18Menu will exit to DOS.



1.0 - First release (obviously). 1.0 simply featured a menu for
selecting a course to play.

2.0 - Added:
- archiving/un-archiving of courses.
- extensive error trapping.
- more file details to selection menu.
- minutia;


Use of M18Menu is not free. I do not want you to send me anything,
but your licence to use M18Menu beyond a reasonable trial period is
conditioned upon your donation of $5-$10 to the charitable organization
of your choice. One of many such organizations I heartily recommend is
PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Your fulfillment of
this condition is deeply appreciated.

Questions/Comments/Suggestions may be forwarded via modem by leaving a
message for Mark Albrecht:

NightHawk BBS
Sysop: Andy Flatt

or by dropping a note in the mail addressed to:

Mark A. Albrecht
P.O. Box 2064
Sioux City, IA 51104

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