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Unprotect for Future Wars.
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Unprotect for Future Wars.
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Contents of the FIXINFO.TXT file

FIX for Future Wars

Memory requirements : 656 bytes
Hooked interrupt : 21

This tsr FIX will bypass the doc check on Interplay's Future Wars, and also
repair and crack properly PE's "crack" of it. The game uses the same routine
that asks you the doc check, in MANY other ways, so when pe cracked it they
changed that routine - not knowing that it affected the rest of the game.

If you play the PE crack and then an uncracked original, you'd notice that
in the monastery, the monks call you an infidel and then kill you - when you
step in the center of the alter. This is not so in the PE crack, also the most
common one is at the end, (when playing the PE crack) the guard in the ship
catches you EVEN THOU you're invisible, and therefore you can't finish the
game. This trick was added my the author so that to piss you off just when
you're about to finish the game, you can't cause of the crack.

This fix, will fix all that. It took me about 1 hour locating the protection,
and about 2 hours experimenting the best way to do it. This tsr installs
itself in the memory, as soon as the doc check comes up, and you choose
anything, it then becomes active, and replaces your answer with the right one,
then returns control the the program. Once the second test is falsified, it
then restores the original bytes at that location, and let's the program

Remember thou, when you run this tsr fix, play the game, but if you by any
chance quit back to dos, and then want to restart it, reboot first, then rerun
this fix and then run the game. This is due to the way this fix handles the
complex protection of the game, and if you don't reboot when rerunning it for
the second time from dos, the game will mess up the same way as the pe crack

Anyway enjoy!

Dr. Detergent / Phoenix'91

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