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Simple unprotect for Gauntlet II.
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Simple unprotect for Gauntlet II.
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Well, here we have another look-up-the-word-in-the-manual protection
scheme that any photocopier can defeat and that gets on the nerves of
those of us who purchased the game (it's bad enough that you can't bypass
the opening screens). Therefore, I give you a way to put that manual on
the shelf where it belongs and leave it there.

1. Make a copy of the game disks, either to other floppies or a hard
disk. Please don't perform this surgery on your original, as I guarantee

2. Next, rename the 2 .EXE files to *.XXX

3. Now, fire up DEBUG by tyipng DEBUG GAUNTLET.XXX. You will see the dash
prompt from DEBUG.

4. Now type: r
This will show you the registers.

5. Take the number for the CS register and add 1000 (hex) to it; e.g., if
the value for CS is 1143, you will get 2143.

6. Now type in the following:

E XXXX:31C6 90 90 90
E XXXX:31DF 90 90

where XXXX is the number you got from your arithmetic in Step 5 (2143
in the example).

7. Repeat steps 3-6 except use DEBUG GFAST.XXX in step 3 and use

E XXXX:31EC 90 90 90
E XXXX:3205 90 90

in step 6.

8. Rename the two .XXX files back to .EXE and, if everything went OK, the
game should load without asking for the word from the manual. Enjoy.

(No Obtrusive Protection)

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