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Monkey Island II unprotect.
File MI2FXINC.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Monkey Island II unprotect.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AAASTART.COM 2092 1092 deflated
INCINFO.COM 4176 914 deflated
MONKEY2.EXE 110811 62918 deflated
READ.ME 673 373 deflated
RUNME.BAT 69 57 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Friday, December 13th, 1991 (Friday the 13th.. oooooh!)

The Secret of Monkey Island II
Cracked by North Wind for INC

This game needs to be installed.... you can do it off of floppies
or use subst and assign (the dos commands). You need to copy the
monkey2.exe included in this zip OVER the one created by the install
program. If you don't do this, IT WILL NOT BE CRACKED!

Hey.. I cracked The Secret of Monkey Island I about 14 months ago!
What useless trivia!

North Wind

Thanks to:
Line Noise, Cool Hand, Cracksmith, & Lestat

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