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Unprotect gunship.
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Unprotect gunship.
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Contents of the GS.DOC file

To unprotect GUNSHIP version 429.04 do the following:

Make a backup up copy of DISK A ( use copywrite Nov 1987, or

Install the software on the hard disk.

Copy the file GS.UNP to GS.COM on the hard disk.

You now can copy the files freely to any directory or even
to 720k, 1.2Mb, 1.44Mb floppies. Unfortunately the files
are too big to fit onto a 360k floppy. (It should fit on a 720k,
but I haven't tried. If it doesn't you can always delete one of
the .EXE files if you don't use that display, (tgame.exe on the
TANDY if you are running on an IBM or clone)).

Also before you can copy the files to disk, you must first
change the attributes so that the HIDDEN status is NOT set on
any of the files. When you run GS.COM it changes the HIDDEN
status back, so every time you want to copy the files, you'll
have to do this.

Happy COPTER-ING!!!!

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