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Remove reward message in carbon copy.
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Remove reward message in carbon copy.
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Contents of the CCINSULT.TXT file

These instructions are only for Version 2.14 of Carbon Copy. The code for
Version 2.12 is similar but in a different place.

If you are a Carbon Copy owner I'm sure you were surprised at the offensive
message at startup. Certainly no one deserves such an insult each time
they start their program. If you purchased the program for your company,
they probably wondered what kind of nuts you bought the program from when
they first see such a crazy message. On the copy I worked with, the
following instructions eliminated this message.
You should take the message out of both the CCHELP.EXE and the CC.EXE programs.
To do so you first have to disable the Checksum, then move the pointer to
the opening message farther down in the message so just the last part "Please
Wait...Configuring Communications Device" is printed to screen. This is very
simple since it means changing only four instructions, two in CCHELP.EXE
and two in CC.EXE.

Be sure to work with a copy of the program not the original!!
To make things easier, copy onto the copy you will be working with.
The numbers such as 0B5C:1417 are memory addresses where the instructions are
located. These addresses may not be the same as your debug session.


A>DEBUG CCHELP.X |Call up the file with
-SCS:0000 FFFE 32 C8 43 81 FB |Search for the place to change
0B5C:1417 |This is the place
-UCS:1417 |Now take a look at the code
0B5C:1417 32C8 XOR CL,AL |This is where change is needed
0B5C:1419 43 INC BX | You are going to
0B5C:141A 81FB7456 CMP BX,5674 | substitute XOR CL,CL
0B5C:141E 75F5 JNZ 1415 | for XOR CL,AL to
0B5C:1420 BAA80B MOV DX,0BA8 | disable checksum
0B5C:1423 0AC9 OR CL,CL |
0B5C:1425 7408 JZ 142F |
0B5C:1427 B409 MOV AH,09 |
0B5C:1429 CD21 INT 21 |
0B5C:142B B44C MOV AH,4C |
0B5C:142D CD21 INT 21 |
0B5C:142F B84000 MOV AX,0040 |
0B5C:1432 8ED8 MOV DS,AX |
0B5C:1434 A07C00 MOV AL,[007C] |
-ACS:1417 |Type this in
0B5C:1417 XOR CL,CL |Type XOR CL,CL then hit return
0B5C:1419 | twice. This disables Checksum
-SCS:0000 FFFE BB 01 0C 8A 17 B4 |Search for place to make change
0B5C:1444 |This is the location
-UCS:1444 |Take a look at the code here
0B5C:1444 BB010C MOV BX,0C01 |This is where change is needed
0B5C:1447 8A17 MOV DL,[BX] | You are going to put
0B5C:1449 B402 MOV AH,02 | MOV BX,10CA in place of
0B5C:144B CD21 INT 21 | MOV BX,0C01 This points
0B5C:144D 43 INC BX | to Please, instead of
0B5C:144E 8A07 MOV AL,[BX] | the offending message.
0B5C:1450 0AC0 OR AL,AL |
0B5C:1452 75F3 JNZ 1447 |
0B5C:1454 BAA409 MOV DX,09A4 |
0B5C:1457 B8003D MOV AX,3D00 |
0B5C:145A CD21 INT 21 |
0B5C:145C 730B JNB 1469 |
0B5C:145E BA680B MOV DX,0B68 |
0B5C:1461 B409 MOV AH,09 |
0B5C:1463 CD21 INT 21 |
-ACS:1444 |Type this in
0B5C:1444 MOV BX,10CA |Type in MOV BX,10CA and hit
0B5C:1447 | return twice
-W |Now write the program back to
Writing 5875 bytes | disk
-Q |Quit debug

A>DEBUG CC.X |Call up CC.X under DEBUG
-SCS:0000 FFFE 32 C8 43 81 FB |Search for place to make change
0B5C:1C39 |This is the place
-UCS:1C39 |Look at the code here
0B5C:1C39 32C8 XOR CL,AL |This is the place to change
0B5C:1C3B 43 INC BX | You are going to put
0B5C:1C3C 81FB6E52 CMP BX,526E | XOR CL,CL in place of
0B5C:1C40 75F5 JNZ 1C37 | XOR CL,AL This will
0B5C:1C42 BAD318 MOV DX,18D3 | disable the checksum
0B5C:1C45 0AC9 OR CL,CL |
0B5C:1C47 7524 JNZ 1C6D
0B5C:1C49 C606DE3B01 MOV BYTE PTR [3BDE],01
0B5C:1C4E BB5613 MOV BX,1356
0B5C:1C51 8A17 MOV DL,[BX] |
0B5C:1C53 B402 MOV AH,02 |
0B5C:1C55 CD21 INT 21 |
0B5C:1C57 43 INC BX |
0B5C:1C58 8A07 MOV AL,[BX] |
-ACS:1C39 |Type this in
0B5C:1C39 XOR CL,CL |Type in XOR CL,CL then hit
0B5C:1C3B | return twice
-SCS:0000 FFFE BB 56 13 8A 17 B4 |Search for place to make change
0B5C:1C4E |This is the place
-UCS:1C4E |Now look at the code
0B5C:1C4E BB5613 MOV BX,1356 |This is the instruction to
0B5C:1C51 8A17 MOV DL,[BX] | change. You are going to
0B5C:1C53 B402 MOV AH,02 | put MOV BX,1820 in place
0B5C:1C55 CD21 INT 21 | of MOV BX,1356 This will
0B5C:1C57 43 INC BX | move the pointer up in the
0B5C:1C58 8A07 MOV AL,[BX] | message.
0B5C:1C5A 0AC0 OR AL,AL |
0B5C:1C5C 75F3 JNZ 1C51 |
0B5C:1C5E 0E PUSH CS |
0B5C:1C5F 1F POP DS |
0B5C:1C60 BA4F13 MOV DX,134F |
0B5C:1C63 B8003D MOV AX,3D00 |
0B5C:1C66 CD21 INT 21 |
0B5C:1C68 730B JNB 1C75 |
0B5C:1C6A BA9518 MOV DX,1895 |
0B5C:1C6D B409 MOV AH,09 |
-ACS:1C4E |Type this in
0B5C:1C4E MOV BX,1820 |Type in MOV BX,1820 then hit
0B5C:1C51 | return twice
-W |Now write the file back to disk
Writing 546F bytes |
-Q |Quit debug
A>RENAME CC.X CC.EXE |Rename CC.X back to CC.EXE

You are finished. Happy computing,
- Mary Sachs

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