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The Patcher v6.3 unprotects 165 games.

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THE PATCHER v6.3 by Michael Caldwell
Removes copy protection from over one
hundred games new and old. Some newer
titles include:Civilization for Windows,
Elder Scrolls I, IndyCar Racing, Master
of Orion, Mortal Kombat, Tie Fighter,
X Wing.
This file was compressed as PATCHV63.ZIP
with PKZIP v2.04g and contains the files

File PATCHV63.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Unprotects for Games and Such
The Patcher v6.3 unprotects 165 games.
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FILE_ID.DIZ 388 285 deflated
PATCHER.DOC 28846 8972 deflated
PATCHER.EXE 36608 17463 deflated

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Contents of the PATCHER.DOC file

The Patcher v6.3
Copyright (c) 1991-93 Michael Caldwell

The following is a list of filenames, dates, and sizes. The filenames
are the protected files which must be patched for their corresponding title.
If more than one file from the same title is protected then they must all be
in the same directory. The dates and sizes are there for you to compare
with your files in order to determine what version you have. If the sizes
do not match, or you have modified the files before, then you should backup
the protected files so that you will not have to reinstall them in case the
patch does not work. If the filenames do not match the patch still might
work so you should try renaming them.

Software Title Publisher Date Size ProtectedFile

2400A.D. Origin Systems 09-23-88 264962400AD.EXE
4 x 4 Off Road Racing Epyx 07-25-88 24540FRONT.EXE
L4D Sports Boxing Mindscape 02-02-91 21711LOAD.EXE
4th & Inches Accolade 09-11-88 903674TH.EXE
688 Attack Sub Electronic Arts06-12-89 104572GAME.EXE
Advanced Flight Trainer Electronic Arts09-06-90 95744AFT.EXE
LAlone in the Dark Interplay 08-25-92 3616ALONE.COM
An American Tail Capstone 06-27-92 60645INSTALL.EXE
Ancient Art of War Broderbund 03-20-85 99840WAR.EXE
Ancient Art of War at Sea Broderbund 07-10-87 162304WAS.EXE
Ancient Art of War in Skies MicroProse 09-18-92 407365SKIES.EXE
Ancient Art of War in Skies MicroProse 12-20-92 392945SKIES.EXE
Archer Maclean's Pool Virgin Games 08-03-93 478836POOL.EXE
08-03-93 522227POOL256.EXE
Arctic Fox Electronic Arts03-26-87 69088AFOX.EXE
03-26-87 68992AFOX16.EXE
Armada 2525 Interstel 06-27-91 2712802525.EXE
Auto Duel Origin Systems 07-25-88 47344AUTODUEL.EXE
Bad Blood Origin Systems 04-29-90 115400GAME.EXE
Bad Street Brawler Mindscape 04-21-88 45529BR.EXE
Balance of Power Mindscape 06-11-87 298032BOP.EXE
*Batman Data East 11-08-89 40851JOKER.EXE
11-08-89 40851PENGUIN.EXE
Battle Chess Interplay 04-19-88 83499CHESS.EXE
Battle Chess Interplay 02-23-89 83415CHESS.EXE
Battle Chess II Interplay 10-11-90 129697CHESS2.EXE
10-11-90 29577SETUP.EXE
Battle Hawks 1942 Lucasfilm Games10-06-88 148055BH.EXE
Battletech Infocom 10-25-88 152429BTECH.EXE
1BC's Quest for Tires Sierra On-Line 01-01-80 19328MAINC.EXE
01-01-80 19456MAINR.EXE
01-01-80 19712MAINJRC.EXE
01-01-80 19456MAINJRR.EXE
Black Cauldron Sierra On-Line 05-27-87 2944SIERRA.COM
Bop'n Wrestle Mindscape 12-12-86 48880BOP.EXE
LBudokan Electronic Arts10-31-89 31687BUDO.COM
California Games Epyx 02-24-88 63467CALGAMES.EXE
California Games II Epyx 12-24-90 32035BEACH
Carl Lewis Challenge Psygnosis 07-02-92 172835AA.EXE
Castles Interplay 06-18-91 228736CASTLES1.EXE
06-18-91 27024SETUP.EXE
Castles Interplay 06-20-91 228784CASTLES1.EXE
06-20-91 27038SETUP.EXE
Castlevania Konami 03-29-90 107255CCGA.EXE
03-29-90 116301CEGA.EXE
03-29-90 105221CTDY.EXE
Centurion Electronic Arts05-29-90 96272OVL0.OVL
Champions of Krynn SSI 12-22-89 267826GAME.OVR
Championship Boxing Sierra On-Line 02-12-84 38144KO.EXE
LChuck Yeager's Air Combat Electronic Arts06-15-91 184134YEAGER.EXE
LChuck Yeager's Air Combat Electronic Arts09-15-91 184869YEAGER.EXE
Civilization MicroProse 12-03-91 304512CIV.EXE
Civilization MicroProse 07-21-92 302982CIV.EXE
Civilization MicroProse 10-13-92 305030CIV.EXE
Civilization for Windows MicroProse 11-22-93 833024CIV.EXE
?Colonel's Bequest Sierra On-Line 12-11-89 76419SCIV.EXE
Contra Konami 04-25-88 28288CONTRA.EXE
Crossbow Absolute Entert01-12-89 72640CBOW.EXE
Curse of the Azure Bonds SSI 06-21-89 272218GAME.OVR
Dark Castle Three-Sixty 09-08-87 110507DC.EXE
Darklands MicroProse 09-15-921652687DARKLAND.EXE
Dawn Raider Softstar 07-04-90 113710DR.EXE
Death Sword Epyx 05-03-88 157292DS.EXE
Death Track Activision 09-20-86 177687DTRACK.EXE
Double Tetris Soft-World Inte11-27-90 98320FTF_VGA.EXE
11-27-90 89090FTF_MONO.EXE
Dragon's Lair Bluth Group, Lt02-08-90 15141DRAGON.EXE
Dragons of Flame SSI 10-19-89 63485GAME.EXE
EElder Scrolls I Bethesda Softwo01-31-94 313840A.EXE
Empire Interstel 07-19-88 222303EMPIRE.EXE
England Football ChampionshiGrandslam Video05-12-91 53860ENGLAND.EXE
Eye of the Beholder SSI 02-20-91 264496EOB.EXE
Face Off! Gamestar 09-20-89 149223FACEOFF.EXE
FlashBack Delphine 04-21-93 126860FB.EXE
FlashBack SSI 06-08-93 128532FB.EXE
EFuture Wars Interplay 05-29-90 154614FW.EXE
Galaxy Empire Kingformation S05-02-91 74364GLS.EXE
Galaxy Fleet Kingformation S08-15-92 285722GF.EXE
Gauntlet Mindscape 01-22-88 17273GINTRO.EXE
01-22-88 33817GPROG.EXE
Gauntlet II Mindscape 07-28-89 81356GAUNTLET.EXE
07-28-89 81406GFAST.EXE
Gold Rush Sierra On-Line 12-22-88 2399GRDIR
Golden Axe Sega 11-16-90 40481AXE.DAT
Grand Prix Circuit Accolade 10-08-88 77497GPCGA.EXE
10-08-88 86855GPEGA.EXE
10-08-88 77401GPTDY.EXE
Hacker Activision 03-28-86 53760HACKER.EXE
Hardball II Accolade 10-13-89 167857HB2CGA.EXE
10-13-89 170281HB2EGA.EXE
10-13-89 163627HB2TDY.EXE
Hardball III Accolade 07-15-921444448HARDBALL.EXE
Heroes of the Lance SSI 10-26-88 97005START.EXE
LHillsfar SSI 05-04-89 146660MAIN.EXE
Indianapolis 500 Electronic Arts12-22-89 159511INDY.EXE
?Indy & Last Crusade: GraphicLucasfilm Games05-24-89 93737INDY3.EXE
Indy & Fate Of Atlantis Lucasfilm Games06-12-92 112565ATLANTIS.EXE
IndyCar Racing Papyrus 11-07-93 732853INDYCAR.EXE
Italy 1990 U.S. Gold 06-08-90 62631ITALY90.COM
EJack Nicklaus Unlimited GolfAccolade 09-19-90 145860GOLF.EXE
E 09-19-90 140510DESIGN.EXE
John Madden Football Electronic Arts07-14-89 224736MFB.EXE
King's Quest II Sierra On-Line 12-01-87 3121SIERRA.COM
Kings of the Beach Electronic Arts01-11-89 69907VBCGA
01-11-89 76485VBEGA
01-11-89 77571VBTDY
Lakers vs. Celtics Electronic Arts09-08-89 178721BBALL.EXE
Legends of Valour SSI 12-10-92 7013TITLE.EXE
Leisure Suit Larry I Sierra On-Line 10-04-87 4096SIERRA.COM
ELemmings Psygnosis 05-10-91 73092CGALEMMI.EXE
05-10-91 76092TDYLEMMI.EXE
05-10-91 83194VGALEMMI.EXE
?Life and Death Software Toolwo07-26-90 340753LND.EXE
Lost Vikings Interplay 06-10-93 33552SETUP.EXE
Magic Candle Mindcraft 03-09-89 5916P82.MCO
Martian Dreams Origin Systems 05-23-91 341712GAME.EXE
Master Ninja Paragon 07-12-85 142080MASTER.EXE
Master of Orion MicroProse 01-04-94 563328STARMAP.EXE
Mean 18 Accolade 02-28-86 82157GOLF.EXE
Mean Streets Access Software10-16-89 122951MS.EXE
Mechwarrior Activision 11-02-89 137871MW_MAIN.EXE
Might and Magic New World 10-13-87 119232MM.EXE
LMight and Magic III New World 09-02-91 279856MM3.EXE
Mike Ditka Ultimate FootballAccolade 10-20-91 42591MDFB.EXE
10-20-91 95085DAT101.DAT
Mike Ditka Ultimate FootballAccolade 11-01-91 42623MDFB.EXE
11-01-91 95216DAT101.DAT
Mission UFO Cliffs StudyWar07-02-92 163318UFO.EXE
Moebius Origin Systems ??-??-88 47264MOEBIUS.EXE
Mortal Kombat Virgin Games 12-17-93 439131MK.EXE
Mortal Kombat Virgin Games 01-03-94 586311MK.EXE
EOh No More Lemmings Psygnosis 11-14-91 76348TGALEMMI.EXE
11-14-91 83242VGALEMMI.EXE
One on One Electronic Arts07-21-88 719631ON1SUB
07-21-88 704551ON1TINY
Pipe Dream Lucasfilm Games09-25-89 96097PIPE.EXE
Pirates! Gold MicroProse 06-21-93 350827PIRATESG.EXE
Pirates! Gold MicroProse 07-14-93 346115PIRATESG.EXE
*Platoon Data East 10-18-88 52608PC.EXE
10-18-88 55136PE.EXE
10-18-88 54352PH.EXE
10-18-88 54496PT.EXE
Pool of Radiance SSI 12-12-88 232379GAME.OVR
Populous Electronic Arts12-15-89 84959POPULOUS.EXE
?PowerMonger Electronic Arts05-13-92 241969GAME.EXE
Preditor II Image Works 03-28-91 132777PRED.EXE
Prince of Persia Broderbund 03-29-90 124257PRINCE.EXE
Prince of Persia II Broderbund 04-30-93 292865PRINCE.EXE
Psychic War Kyodai 10-11-89 58649PW.EXE
Questron II SSI 04-23-88 137036START.EXE
Rad Warrior Epyx 12-26-87 151248RW.EXE
Railroad Tycoon Delux MicroProse 06-10-93 265234RRT.EXE
Rampage Activision 04-20-88 58876RAMPAGE.EXE
Rampart Electronic Arts04-03-92 85381RAMPAGE.EXE
Red Storm Rising MicroProse 04-12-89 4517REDSTORM.COM
04-12-89 44005REDSTART.RSR
Rush'n Attack Konami 04-16-88 22199RUSC.EXE
04-16-88 22199RUSE.EXE
Secret of the Silver Blades SSI 05-25-90 277515GAME.OVR
Secret Weapons of Luftwaffe Lucasfilm Games08-05-91 55564SWOTL.EXE
Sim City Maxis 09-06-89 190879SIMCITY.EXE
Sim City Maxis 10-05-89 191235SIMCITY.EXE
Sim Earth Maxis 01-27-91 406346SIMEARTH.EXE
Simpsons Konami 12-04-91 145376SIMPSONS.EXE
Ski or Die Electronic Arts02-07-90 52753SKICGA
02-07-90 52729SKIEGA
02-07-90 51999SKITDY
Space 1889 Paragon 10-18-90 27520SETUP.EXE
Space Quest II Sierra On-Line 11-10-87 3121SIERRA.COM
?Space Quest IV Sierra On-Line 05-11-91 104937SCIDHUV.EXE
Space Station Oblivion Epyx 09-27-88 6765OBLIVION.EXE
ESpear of Destiny Apogee 01-05-93 255646SPEAR.EXE
Star Control Accolade 07-13-90 56576STARCON.OVL
Star Trek 25th Anniversary Interplay 04-18-92 174776STARTREK.EXE
Stormovik Electronic Arts08-31-90 250363SU25.EXE
Street Rod California Drea09-20-89 259785SR.EXE
Street Sports Baseball Epyx 04-19-88 106076SELECT.EXE
Street Sports Basketball Epyx 10-27-87 5808SSBKB.EXE
LStunts Broderbund 10-11-90 19827LOAD.EXE
Supaplex Digital Integra12-21-91 45948SUPAPLEX.EXE
SuperSki II Microids 02-25-92 84005SUPERSKI.EXE
Task Force 1942 MicroProse 11-29-92 473616TF.EXE
Test Drive Accolade 10-25-87 57472TDCGA.EXE
11-09-87 66517TDEGA.EXE
2Test Drive II Accolade 02-26-89 104149TD2CGA.EXE
02-26-89 114421TD2EGA.EXE
02-26-89 103905TD2TDY.EXE
Test Drive III Accolade 10-04-90 137845TD3.EXE
ETetris Classic Spectrum HoloBy06-15-92 272446TETRISC.EXE
Their Finest Hour Lucasfilm Games10-02-89 220135BOB.EXE
*Thexder Sierra On-Line 08-06-87 2892THEXDER.COM
Thexder II Sierra On-Line 09-24-90 37378GAME.EXE
Tie Fighter Lucasfilm Games06-19-94 408260FRONT.OVL
Times of Lore Origin Systems 12-15-88 79664LORE.EXE
Treasure of the Savage FrontSSI 03-07-92 310572GAME.OVR
LTunnels & Trolls New World 10-05-90 238635TNTCGA.EXE
10-05-90 238833TNTEGA.EXE
LTurbo Outrun Sega 07-31-90 36017TOUTRUN.EXE
Ultima I Origin Systems 12-29-87 36880ULTIMA.EXE
Ultima II Origin Systems 02-08-89 37344ULTIMAII.EXE
Ultima II Sierra On-Line 01-01-80 35493ULTIMAII.COM
3Ultima III Origin Systems 02-10-87 36692ULTIMA.COM
02-10-87 19572BOOTUP.COM
Ultima IV Origin Systems 11-10-87 98208AVATAR.EXE
Ultima V Origin Systems 06-24-88 36576ULTIMA.EXE
LUltima VI Origin Systems 03-27-90 205087GAME.EXE
Universal Military SimulatorRainbird Softwa06-30-88 275968UMS.EXE
Vette! (EGA) Spectrum HoloBy07-20-89 247047VETTE.EXE
War in Middle Earth Melbourne House02-01-89 139792LORD.EXE
Wargame Construction Set SSI 01-01-80 109056WCS.EXE
LWayne Gretzky Hockey II Bethesda Softwo10-17-90 208256HKY.EXE
Welltris Spectrum HoloBy10-03-89 50838WELLTRIS.EXE
Wing Commander Origin Systems 09-19-90 302384WC.EXE
Winter Supersports Flair Software 04-06-92 2096WINTER.EXE
Wrath of the Demon ReadySoft Inc. 08-12-91 32897WRATH.EXE
X-Wing Lucasfilm Games02-15-93 537230FRONTEND.OVL
X-Wing: B Wing Lucasfilm Games10-06-93 583396BFRONT.OVL
X-Wing: Imperial Pursuit Lucasfilm Games06-04-93 565728FRONTEND.OVL
X-Wing: Imperial Pursuit Lucasfilm Games06-12-93 565824FRONTEND.OVL
Zany Golf Electronic Arts10-17-88 65167TZANY.COM
10-17-88 63153ZANY.COM

* - If you are using MS DOS 5.0 or higher you may have to use LOADFIX.EXE to
load this properly.

? - 4D Sports Boxing, Colonel's Bequest, Future Wars, Indiana Jones and the
Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure, Life and Death, PowerMonger,
Space Quest IV, and Ultima VI still ask their questions but they will accept
any answer. Hopefully I will take care of these in a future version.

E - Elder Scrolls I, Future Wars, Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf, Lemmings,
Oh No More Lemmings, Spear of Destiny, and Tetris Classic must be expanded
with UNP before they can be unprotected. A recent version of UNP can be
found on The Programmer's Corner (listed below) or on the Internet site

L - Instead of patching 4D Sports Boxing, Alone in the Dark, Budokan,
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, Hillsfar, Might and Magic III, Stunts,
Tunnels & Trolls, Turbo Outrun, Ultima VI, and Wayne Gretzky Hockey II a
small program will be created which you must use to run them.

1 - BC's Quest for Tires can now be copied using a normal disk copy, but it
can still only be run from the A drive. Trying to play it on a different
drive may result in data loss for any disk in the A drive.

2 - If you are going to play Test Drive II on a hard disk you must have the
DISKID.DAT file from the Play Disk not the Program Disk.

3 - If patching your current Scenario Disk for Ultima III doesn't work then
you must make a new one by: 1) making a normal copy of the Program Disk,
2) patching that copy, then 3) copying the following files from your old
Scenario Disk: PARTY.ULT, ROSTER.ULT, & SOSARIA.ULT. Patching a Scenario
Disk made with MKPLAY.EXE does not seem work.

The Patcher will bring up a list of the above software titles and
publishers and wait for your selection. You can maneuver through the list
with the numeric keypad or the mouse, also you can use the alpha keys to
quickly locate the first letter of the title. Once you have made your
selection either type in its corresponding number and press enter, or double
click on it. Clicking once on the input line is equivelant to pressing

Next The Patcher will ask for the directory were the software is
installed. It will accept any DOS path, leaving it blank will default to
the current directory. When you're done hit enter or click on the input

Finally The Patcher will attempt to modify your software to bypass all
signs of copy-protection and allow it to work fully on a hard drive. First
it will determine which version of the program is closest to the one you
have. It will then return one of three possible messages for each file
which needs to be patched telling you how successful it was. If it returns
OK then the patch was probably successful, meaning you will be able to use
the software without any more hassles. This will save you time, and your
manuals and disks from wear & tear. If it returns SIZE then the size of the
protected file is different meaning you have a different version of the
software than the patch is intended for and it is unlikely the patch will
work. If there is an ERROR make sure that you are entering the correct path
and that all files which need to be patched are in the same directory.


it to be used in violation of any software licensce agreement.

* DO NOT DAMAGE YOUR ORIGINALS. Write protect the orginal disk before
attempting to make and patch the backup.

If you have experienced any problems with a previous patch then check the
revised patches lists for a better one. If you have any problems with a
current patch or have any information as to whether one does or doesn't work
on another version of the same software title, either send a note to my
address or a private message to the following BBS telling me anything you
can about the version number, and the dates and sizes of the files as well
as which version of The Patcher you are using.

Michael Caldwell
4826 S 8th St.
Arlington, VA 22204-1432
U. S. A.

E-Mail: [email protected]
BBS : The Programmer's Corner Columbia, MD (301)621-3424

- v1.0 01/02/91

- v2.0 01/20/91
Added scrolling.

- v2.1 02/05/91

- v2.2 02/14/91

- v2.3 02/27/91

- v2.4 03/11/91

- v2.5 03/28/91

- v3.0 04/02/91
Added color and scroll bar.
Improved patch storage.

Improved patching method.

- v3.1 04/24/91
Added patches : John Madden Football.
Revised patches: Curse of the Azure Bonds.
Improved patch association.

- v3.2 07/22/91
Added patches : Battle Chess (v2), Centurion, Mean Streets.
Revised patches: Champions of Krynn.

- v4.0 12/23/91
Added patches : Hardball II, Their Finest Hour, Test Drive II, Vette!.
Revised patches: 2400A.D., 4 x 4 Off Road Racing, Auto Duel, Battle Chess,
Bop'n Wrestle, Mean Streets, Moebius, Test Drive III, Times of Lore,
Ultima I, Ultima II, Ultima III, Ultima V.
Included MS Mouse support.
Improved scrolling.

- v4.1 01/04/92
Revised patches: 2400A.D., Auto Duel, Moebius, Ultima I, Ultima II,
Ultima V.
Scrolling is less "snowy".

- v4.2 02/23/92
Added patches : Civilization v474.01, Star Control.
Changed initial patch directory to current.

- v4.3 03/15/92
Added patches : Castlevania, Mike Ditka Ultimate Football v1.00, Rampage,
Thexder II.
Revised patches: Champions of Krynn, Populous, Secret of the Silver Blades,

- v4.4 04/29/92
Added patches : Advanced Flight Trainer, Battletech,
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Graphic, Golden Axe,
Lakers vs. Celtics, Pipe Dream, Red Storm Rising, War in Middle Earth.
Revised patches: Civilization, Mechwarrior.

- v4.5 07/12/92
Added patches : Colonel's Bequest, Indianapolis 500, Gauntlet II,
Gold Rush, Hacker, Might and Magic, Space Quest IV, Ultima IV.
Fixed problem with other mouse buttons locking up the left mouse button.

- v4.6 07/30/92
Fixed problem with keyboard not working without a mouse caused by last fix.
Added double clicking feature.

- v4.7 09/08/92
Added patches : Bad Blood, Battle Chess II, Kings of the Beach,
Prince of Persia, Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe.

- v4.8 12/19/92
Added patches : 688 Attack Sub, Death Track, Empire, Face Off!.

- v4.9 01/14/93
Added patches : Ancient Art of War in the Skies (v1), Black Cauldron,
Castles, King's Quest II, Space 1889, Treasures of the Savage Frontier.
Revised patches: Mechwarrior, Mike Ditka Ultimate Football, Populous,
Wargame Construction Set.

- v5.0 03/21/93
Added patches : 4th & Inches, Arctic Fox, Balance of Power, Batman,
BC's Quest for Tires, Championship Boxing, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat,
Contra, Crossbow, Death Sword, Leisure Suit Larry I, Lemmings,
Life and Death, Master Ninja, Mean 18, One on One, Platoon, PowerMonger,
Rush'n Attack, Street Sports Baseball, Street Sports Basketball,
Tunnels & Trolls, Universal Military Simulator.
Revised patches: Advanced Flight Trainer, Ancient Art of War, Bad Blood,
Bop'n Wrestle, California Games, Face Off!, Hardball II,
Pool of Radiance, Prince of Persia, Red Storm Rising, Space 1889,
Space Quest IV, Their Finest Hour, Thexder II.
Made the screen more readable for monochrome users.
Put the mouse scrolling buttons together for easier use.
Made room for more patches.
Tried to provide real documentation.

- v5.1 05/26/93
Added patches : 4D Sports Boxing, Future Wars, Hillsfar, Magic Candle,
Might and Magic III, Stunts, Task Force 1942, Ultima VI.
Revised patches: Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, Civilization, Times of Lore,
Tunnels & Trolls.

- v6.0 09/14/93
Added patches : Ancient Art of War in the Skies (v2), Battle Chess (v1),
Carl Lewis Challenge, Civilization v474.04, Dark Castle, Darklands,
Dawn Raider, FlashBack (French), Galaxy Fleet, Heroes of the Lance,
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Lost Vikings,
Oh No More Lemmings, Prince of Persia II, Questron II, Rad Warrior,
Railroad Tycoon Delux, Ski or Die, Spear of Destiny,
Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Tetris Classic, Turbo Outrun,
Wayne Gretzky Hockey II, Wrath of the Demon, Zany Golf.
Revised patches: 2400A.D., Auto Duel, Mean Streets, Moebius, Sim City,
Times of Lore, Ultima I, Ultima II, Ultima IV, Ultima V.
Automatic version detection.
Improved patch storage.
Speed locate.

- v6.1 02/05/94
Added patches : Budokan, California Games II, Civilization v474.03 &
v474.05, Civilization for Windows, Double Tetris, Dragons of Flame,
England Football Championship, FlashBack (USA), Galaxy Empire,
Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf, Martian Dreams, Mission UFO,
Mortal Kombat (v1), Pirates! Gold, Predator II, Psychic War,
Space Quest II, Stormovik, Welltris, Winter Supersports, X-Wing,
X-Wing: B-Wing, X-Wing: Imperial Pursuit v1.0
Revised patches: Dawn Raider, FlashBack.

- v6.2 04/06/94
Added patches : Elder Scrolls I, Hardball III, IndyCar Racing,
Mike Ditka Ultimate Football v1.01, Mortal Kombat (v2), Rampart,
X-Wing: Imperial Pursuit v1.1.
Improved version detection.

- v6.3 08/26/94
Added patches : Alone in the Dark, An American Tail, Archer Maclean's Pool,
Armada 2525, Dragon's Lair, Italy 1990, Legends of Valour,
Master of Orion, Simpsons, Street Rod, Supaplex, SuperSki II, Tie Fighter.
Revised patches: Future Wars, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

* Look for new versions with more patches and more features *

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