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Unprotect for Yeager Air Combat.
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Unprotect for Yeager Air Combat.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Chuck Yeager's Air Combat Patch

by A.C. & R.D. July 1991

To remove that stupid copy-protection question from Chuck Yeager's Air
Combat, just copy the AIRPATCH.COM file onto disk#1; if the game is installed
on a hard disk, copy the file into the same sub-directory. Then, all you have
to do is run the AIRPATCH program immediately before starting the game. The
patch will install a small TSR which will eat about 0.5K. To avoide problems
with other software, the TSR will deactivate itself after running once. If
you quit and want to play the game again, just re-load the patch before
running the game or re-boot the computer and start over.
The patch for this game had to made as a TSR because the game files are
packed into archive files and are unpacked as the game is loaded. Therefore
the program code cannot be modified before the game is running. The TSR will
wait until the game is unpacked into memory before it patches it. It does
this by waiting until the game changes from text mode into graphics mode, then
it removes the documentation check.
Writing this patch took about 4-5 hours on a Saturday afternoon. I hope it
works on all systems! It sure was fun writing it!

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