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Dragon's Lair II Cheat Text File.
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Dragon’s Lair II Cheat Text File.
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Dragons Lair Cheat Sheet By the Drunken Monk

* Disk A: You start off by walking on a bridge. When you fall down,
Press the Fire Button and then wait until Dirk swings his sword. Then
push up and thats IT!

*Drink Me Level: Well, all you really need to do is to push the joystick
to the Right.

*1st Green Monster: Well this is the 1st tricky level of the game. Ok
1st thing you do when you hit this screen is to press the FIRE BUTTON.
This will buy you some time- then you will see the back of the room
flash. Push Up... When you get there, the door to the right will Flash.
Push RIGHT. Next, The stairs will flash so PULL DOWN.. Oh no, your
path is blocked, the table will flash, PUSH LEFT then push UP!

Next disk PLEASE (HEY where's that cool level where you are falling on
that cool platform????)


*The Black Knight: (NOT an EASY level)
The 1st 3 moves go very fast and as you will see, some moves are made
in-air! Go RIGHT, then go LEFT, and PUSH UP... Then PAUSE... You will
see Dirk look around a bit, then go LEFT, Go Right - Then for some
more quick moves - Go LEFT and then RIGHT- Then the Button will wrap
it UP!!!!!!!!! DUDE!!

*The W.Pool Level (Hey this seems [email protected]#)
For some reason you go Right on all 3 screens! ? hmmm???

*The Rapids:
On this level just push RIGHT then Up, it will change screens to a
straight away and push UP when you hit the middle of the Screen.
(REPEAT THIS 2 Times or so)

*MORE Green Slime Level!:
Just push up, Look at the bottles, Hit that button, then go right!

WOW- TIME FOR THE NEXT DISK!!!! (Where is the ROPE LEVEL?????)

*Going down the stairs level:
Just go Left as soon as you hit each screen... All 3... (DID SOMEONE

*The Big Ball LEVEL!!!
Well, Just wait until you see the ball pass in front of you and
then pull down... no tricks... Just repeat this alot!

*The Magic Blocks that make a Wall!!! (U will see what I Mean!)
Wait till the door flashes and then PuSH it UP!


This is close to the end of the game and the levels move by fast!

* The stack is about to fall, so Push Left to keep the Dragon from
roasting you.. You will catch the objects and all will be well...

*Next: More trouble, this screen looks kinda like the one before! Just
push DOWN, then push LEFT AND run off the Screen!

*Wait on the next Screen.... Wait till the stack flashes and then push
DOWN and you will make a nice catch!

*YOU SEE THE GIRL IN THE BUBBLE- Quick, hit the fire button and you
will see the magic SWORD!!! (If you don't you will die!)


*You are hiding from the Dragon in this scene, all you have to do is
to Pull DOWN, and then push LEFT!

*Next , just hit the FIRE BUTTON to grap the Sword!

*The Dragon is now going to try to smash you with his tail... Pull
DOWN, each of the 3 times he does this!

*LAST SCREEN! Just Push the FIRE BUTTON, Wacth the END!


Call a WaReHoUsE B.B.S.

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