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Character editor for Ultima 6.
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Character editor for Ultima 6.
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Contents of the ULT6EDIT.DOC file


Rifleman here ...

Ultima 6 was a bit more difficult than our previous editor for Dragon
Wars. Instead of saving each character seperately, Origin saved each
attribute together, so it was a bit difficult to find at first, but once
we got rollin, it got easier. I just want to tell ya that we didn't make
these Super Characters as we did on Dragon Wars because Ultima 6 is
sensitive to shit like this. We only set the maximum strength to 49
because it would screw up the screen where it would list the weight. Also
if you set the dexterity or intelligence to anything higher than 127, it
would lock up.

We didn't bother messing with the max magic because the level decides
what that will be along with what picture you have; to get the magic
condition points up, just rest. We didn't alter this because characters
vary. Also we didn't touch the max hit points because with each level you
get 30 more hit points. So we just set the level to 8 and that took care
of both max magic and max hit points. We did set the current hit points
to 240 because all level 8 characters have that much.

We only screwed with the first 4 characters because if you don't have
all of the possible characters, it gets real fucked! Run the batch file
if you want a back-up of OBJLIST made. If you want to fix your own
characters, use the file offsets at the end of this file. But I warn you,
make a back-up, and be careful on what you edit.


File Offsets for OBJLIST
The order of this is char. 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Str : 2305-2308
Dex : 2561-2564
Int : 2817-2820
Exp : 3074-3081
(2 bytes each, hi and low bytes switched; i.e. 9999 = 0F27)
H.P cond : 3585-3588
H.P max : 3756-3759
Level : 4082-4085
Magic cond: 5106-5109

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