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Unprotect for Zany Golf.
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Unprotect for Zany Golf.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

April 30, 1989 - Original Patch Released


May 4, 1989 - Revision

Patch made to smaller number of bytes, no functional change
from 4/30/89 original patch.


Bart Montgomery

As a programmer, I hate to see such a cute little gem of a game contain any
eyesore or flaw. In the case of "Zany Golf", the eyesore is the request to
enter a code from a code-wheel before proceeding on to the second hole.
Accordingly, I have developed a patch so that this "enter code" request is
not made and the game proceeds as normal.


1) Copy the files:


to the diskette or hard disk sub-directory the contains the Zany Golf
program files.

2) At the DOS prompt, type (without quotes) "ZANYFIX" to patch the IBM
version ZANY.COM. Type (without quotes) "TZANYFIX" to patch the Tandy
version TZANY.COM.

3) After the patch is completed, you may delete the files ZANYFIX.BAT,
TZANYFIX.BAT and PAT.EXE which you obtained from this archive.


Alternate Method:

For those people familiar with the sector editors found in PC-Tools
and Norton's Utilities, you may perform the patch as follows:

To patch ZANY.COM

Search for this five byte hex string: 84 C0 E8 15 61

Replace the first byte of this string: C3

To patch TZANY.COM

Search for this five byte hex string: 84 C0 E8 10 61

Replace the first byte of this string: C3


Bart Montgomery
PC-Rockland BBS
(914) 353-2176

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