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Unprotect all versions of Jet.
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Unprotect all versions of Jet.
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Contents of the DE-JET.TXT file

De-jet v2.00

De-jet is an assembly language program to take the game 'Jet', by Sublogic
Corporation, and put it into a DOS "EXE" file. If your copy of Jet isn't just
like my copy this program will not work. I designed this program around the
Jet v1.0 and v1.3 releases and therefore De-Jet may not work on your version of
the program.

Several extensions will be added by the De-jet program. These include the
EXIT TO DOS option on the main menu, preservation of the original command line
functions 'h,e,m' or their upper case equivalents, and the inclusion of the
extended situations data for all of the options. The extended situations data
are those sectors which need to be loaded if one chooses an option such as
'Free flight, level ?, F-16'. These were originally not loaded with the Jet
game but were loaded as required. They now will exist as data at the end of the
Jet.exe file and will be copied in as required.

This program is involked by typing 'de-jet '. The drive spec is the
drive to which the Jet.exe file will be written. It will use the current path
of the specified drive. It will use any valid dos drive installed. The JET disk
will be placed in drive A for reading and may only be placed in A. You may use
drive A as the specified drive if you wish, you will be prompted to change
disks as required. You will need about 90k of free memory to run this program.
I've thus far run De-jet and the Jet.exe file it creates on a PC, an AT w/ an
EGA card, a PC's Limited Turbo PC, an AT&T 6300,and a Sperry PC. I do not
beleive this program will work on a PCjr. w/128k however the JET.EXE file
should work on any compatible machine including the PCjr provided it has enough
available memory.

e.x. DE-JET d: ...will write JET.EXE to drive d: in the current path.

De-jet will work if drive A and B are the same drive but both de-jet and dos
will prompt you to change disks, don't worry I'll fix it later.

The resulting file should be 86,016 bytes in length. All command line
parameters should still work. i.e. h or H for Hercules Card, e or E for the
EGA card, and m or M for the EGA w/ a monochrome monitor. DO NOT USE the slash
key '/' to precede the parameter, use a space only. --- eg.'jet h'

One other note of interest; don't expect the Jet.exe file to run under a
multitasking operating system. Jet installs many of its own interrupt vectors
over those of BIOS. One is int 9 for keyboard control and that change alone
should rule out any multitasking or resident programs being called while
Jet.exe is running. This problem could be solved however, I'll leave that to
subsequent versions of De-jet.


The source for De-Jet has been included in this ARC file.

the GBBS at (404) 457-6815.

Happy JET-ting Hard Drive Owners

From "The Friends of George P. Burdell" , at Georgia Tech

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