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Unprotect for Chessmaster 2100.
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Unprotect for Chessmaster 2100.
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Unprotect of Chessmaster 2100 installation program, INSTALL.EXE,
version 1.01, dated 12-29-88 8:00 pm, file size 63863 bytes.

Of course, this information is for those of you who do not like
owning copy protected software of any sort. This can be very
inconvenient when you original disk gets damaged. And there is
the principle of the thing. This information is not intended
for the purpose of software piracy.

Work with a backup of Chessmaster 2100 disk containing INSTALL.EXE.

Put the backup disk in drive A:

The following is a display of the data in INSTALL.EXE at 160A.
Ignore the "xxxx" segment numbers. If your display does not
match the following, then this patch will not work.

-u 160A

xxxx:160A E8631DCALL3370
xxxx:160D 44INCSP
xxxx:160E 44INCSP
xxxx:160F A35002MOV[0250],AX
xxxx:1612 3D0100CMPAX,0001
xxxx:1615 7413JZ162A
xxxx:1617 0BC0ORAX,AX
xxxx:1619 750FJNZ162A
xxxx:161B 0BF6ORSI,SI
xxxx:161D 740BJZ162A
xxxx:161F 33C0XORAX,AX
xxxx:1621 50PUSHAX
xxxx:1622 E84B1DCALL3370
xxxx:1625 44INCSP
xxxx:1626 44INCSP
xxxx:1627 A35002MOV[0250],AX

Execute the following:

ren install.exe install
debug install
u 160A
a 160F
MOV [0250],AX

ren install install.exe

You will now have a version of INSTALL.EXE that does not need the
original disk.

To get rid of the annoying question at the beginning of 2100.exe:

ren 2100.exe 2100
debug 2100
a 1464

a 148e
jmp 14a6

ren 2100 2100.exe

You will now have a version of 2100.EXE that does not use documentation
copy protection.

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