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Complete Police Quest II walkthrough. Not hints.
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Complete Police Quest II walkthrough. Not hints.
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Police Quest II
The Vengeance

What you are about to read are the hints and solution to
Police Quest II. I suggest that you try to play the game
without this hint book at first. If you can't think of a
command, then come to this to find your answer. The words
that are capitalized are the exact words to use. I didn't do
this for all of them, but most of them are). I have solved
the game, but didn't get all the points. If you are a member
of Prodigy, please write me a letter at MGCW97C and tell me
what you think about this. I have written a few other hint
books with others on the way. Now for the hints!

You start the game driving into the police station
(Notice that your hair is still bleached from when you went
undercover at the end of Police Quest I). If you own the
game, you can look in the manual and it will tell you how to
start the game. Type LOOK ON DASHBOARD and get what is on
it. OPEN GLOVE COMPARTMENT and get the business card.
Get out of the car (F4) and go into the station by opening
the door with your keys. Once inside, you see four doors
(two on the left wall and two on the back wall), an evidence
window, and a storage bin. Go in the door on the far right.
This is your office. When you are inside, you see about four
or five desks. Your desk is in the middle (nobody is real
close to it). SIT down and OPEN DRAWER. Get everything
inside it. Also, LOOK IN BASKET which is on your desk. GET
UP and walk to the bulletin board and GET KEYS. Next, wall
to the cabinet on the right side of the room. OPEN CABINET
and get BAINS file. You can study the file if you want, but

GET MUG SHOT of Bains. RETURN FILE back to the cabinet.
Walk over to the man who is always on the phone (He is the
Captain). LOOK AT PAPERS which are on his desk. Write down
the passwords because you will need it for the computer. Go
over to the computer and TURN COMPUTER ON. CD PERSONNEL.
Passport=PICTACHIO cd criminal cd vice. passport=MIAMI.
That is all you need from the computer. After you have
completed this, you can QUIT. Leave this room and go in the
room on the far left. This is the locker room. Your locker
is on the far left. It will ask you for your locker
combination. Find the combination by TURN OVER BUSINESS
CARD. Go back to the office and see if the Captain has
anything to tell you. If not, go to the firing range. When
you get close to the man, type GET EAR PROTECTORS and walk
into the range. Once you have a close-up view of the target,
WEAR EAR PROTECTORS. The object of this part of the game is
to sights your sights. Before you shoot, you need to ADJUST
SIGHTS until you have them set correctly (You will know if
you have them correct because it will give you some points).
This part might take a long time. When you are out of ammo,
go to the man and GET AMMO from him. Once you set your
sights, leave the firing range and walk to the bin. OPEN BIN

and GET FIELD KIT. If the Captain hasn't talked to you yet,
he will now. Once he does, go out to your car (it is blue in
EGA). OPEN TRUNK and PUT BIN IN TRUNK. Walk to the drivers
side and open the door. Your partner, Keith, will come out
with you (Keith never does anything). Once inside the car,

Once at the jail, your reliable partner Keith, will
leave you alone to work. As in Police Quest I, you need to
BUTTON to go inside, SHOW MAN BADGE as your ID. When you are
inside type BAINS the jailor and he will get another file on
him. GET MUG SHOT from the file and return it. You need to
SEE PRISONER SAXTON and he will come to the interview area.
ASK MAN ABOUT ESCAPE and he will tell you about it. After he
is finished, leave the jail but don't forget to get your gun.
Get in the car and type GO TO STATION. You will get further
instructions on where to go once you are traveling. When
dispatch tells you where to go, get there now.

When you get to the mall, there will be an officer who
goes off to look for witnesses, and Keith (as usual will
leave the scene). Walk over to the car and type OPEN DOOR.
As you did at the beginning of the game, you need to OPEN
GLOVE COMPARTMENT. There are a few things in the glove
compartment, so get them. LEAVE CAR and Haines will be there
with a witness. ASK LADY ABOUT CAR and she will tell you
some things. Once Haines takes her, get in the car and Keith
will come. Go to any place in the game (that is in the
game!). (Every time dispatch calls you, and tells you go to
a place). When Keith as you for the bet take him up on it!

Once you are out of the car, get the field kit from the
trunk. Walk to the jogger and ASK GIRL WHAT HAPPENED. When
she is done, raise your gun (F8) and walk to the screen on
the left. Have your gun loaded --- you will need it. When
you see Bains, run out on the screen shoot him (F10). If you
don't have your sights set on your gun, then he will kill
you. If your sights are set, you will shoot. Walk to the
top of the next screen on the left. You will see blood at
the end of the path. Type GET BLOOD and GET FOOTPRINT. If
you are at the top of the screen, the car won't get you.
Walk to the right and wait for the diver to come. Once he is
there, go up and DIVE. Get your diving certificate by LOOK
IN WALLET. He will go change clothes. When he is done, it
will be your turn to change. You need to get everything in
the van. Get all three tanks, keep on getting the tanks
until you get points for choosing the correct one.

When you are diving, you need to find the body of the
jailor. On the begining screen there is a badge somewhere.
Try to find it. If you can't get it don't worry, it is
"bogus points". Go to the screen on the left and there is a
knife also. If you can't find it, it is another "bogus

point". The body is all the way to the right. If you look
closely between the rocks, there is a small hand. Type MOVE
ROCKS, LOOK AT HAND, and REMOVE BODY. When you get back to
the surface, change clothes and come back to the body and USE
CAMERA. Go back to the car and put the kit in the trunk
again. Get in the car and CALL DISPATCH. Next stop, Lytton

When you are at the airport go over to the black car and
type LOOK AT PLATE. (Remember that car, it is the one that
almost killed you). Go Get in the car and CALL DISPATCH AND
LEAVE THE CAR. Go to the screen on the top and walk over to
the pole and PUSH BUTTON (This is to change the light so you
can pass). There will be a lady selling roses on the street,
BUY ROSE. Enter the airport and go into the restroom. Go
into the second stall and LOOK. OPEN LID and LOOK IN TANK,
GET GUN AND LEAVE. There are two ways to do the next part, 1
is to SHOW BADGE and SHOW MUG SHOT to everybody you see. Or
you could do it the quick way, which is to SHOW BADGE and
SHOW MUG SHOT to only two people. The two people are both
the ladies who work at the car rental place and ticket agent
lady. SHOW LADY BADGE (To show you are a police man) and
LOOK AT MUG SHOT (To see if she has see him). She does
remember him a little, so LOOK AT LIST (The passenger list).
You will notice a name and a person going to Houston. BUY
TICKET TO HOUSTON and you will have it. Now go to the lady
who is next to the elevator. Do the same thing you did for
the other lady. Walk up to the elevator and SHOW MAN BADGE
to get past the security guard. When you are in the plane,
type SIT and FASTEN BELT. The lady will soon come around and
tell you something. You will have to get off the plane.
When you are out of the airport and into the car type CALL
DISPATCH two times. This time you have to go the station.

When you are in the station, go and have a seat in your
desk. LOOK IN BASKET. There will be a message there. It is
from Marie. She wants you to call her. You can call the
operator and find out or get it from me (555-4169). She
wants to meet you for lunch at Arnies. GET UP and go in your
personal car and GO TO ARNIES.

Are you there yet? GOOD! Enter the restaurant and sit
down with Marie. When the waiter comes, order what you want.
Once he is gone, KISS MARIE. Give her the flowers (And you
said that it was stupid to buy those!). KISS MARIE two more
times. When the food comes, EAT FOOD. Then (what else but)
kiss Marie.

The next thing you know it is the next day. Go in your
office and get the keys from the keyboard. Go and get the
field kit again. PUT FIELD KIT IN TRUNK and GO TO

Get out of the car with your field kit. USE VIAL when

you get close to the blood. LOOK IN TRUNK then LOOK AT FACE.
When you have gotten your jollies from looking at dead men,
LEAVE. The coroner will be there now. Put the kit in the
trunk, then GET IN CAR and go wherever you want. Dispatch
will call you soon, go where they say.

Go to the man in the window and SHOW MAN MUG SHOT. He
won't let you in Bains' room. Get in the car and CALL
DISPATCH. Get out of the car and wait for the officer who
will come and bring you a search warrant. Type GET WARRANT
and go back to the man in the window. TYPE SHOW BADGE and
SHOW WARRANT. GET KEY TO ROOM 108. Find room 108 (it is on
the bottom floor), and get as far down as you can and still
open the door (Because there is a booby trap), then OPEN
DOOR. Walk to the end table and type OPEN DRAWER. There
will be an ENVELOPE inside it. Type GET ENVELOPE AND READ
LETTER. Go to the other side of the bed and GET LIPSTICK.
Go in the bathroom and GET CARD. Get in the car. Remember,
Marie wanted you to see her this afternoon so now would be a
good time to do that.

Go over to the door and type GET NOTE and READ NOTE.
EXAMINE HANDWRITING then OPEN DOOR. On the ground there is a
piece of paper, GET PAPER. That is all you need from her
house now. Get in your car and go somewhere.

Once you are in your office, go to the Captain and SHOW
LIST to him. Then get to your desk and USE PHONE. You need
to call the phone number on the card. The number is (209)-
555-3323. When the man answers, say SONNY BONDS and TALK TO
MAN ABOUT BAINS. Now call the Stellton police at (209)555-
phone and go to the evidence counter. BOOK EVIDENCE and go
to the firing range again. You need to SET SIGHTS again.
Get in your car and you will need to go to the airport.

Now that you are in the airport go BUY TICKET TO
STEELTON. Sit down and FASTEN BELT and wait. Soon the
hijackers will come. Once they have thrown the lady down,
UNFASTEN BELT and STAND UP. Draw you gun (F8), load you gun
(F6) and shoot the man (F10). Once he is dead, the other man
will come out and you need to kill him also. Since they are
both dead, SEARCH JACKET on the men and there is a pair of
wire clippers. SEARCH TURBAN and you will get bomb
instructions. Go to the back of the plane and LOOK AT
LID and OPEN LID. There is one correct way to cut the bomb.
If there is one mistake, you are dead! (A great ending to a
great game right?) Here is the correct way.
Once you finished that leave the bathroom.

Once you have had your landed, the officer will tell you

what you need to do. Do you see those radios over there on
the desk (Yes, those) GET RADIOS. Now that you are in the
park, go two screens up. A man will come toward you. RADIO
KEITH and Keith will catch him. TALK TO MAN, then READ MAN
RIGHTS. Keith will take him back to the station. Go one
screen down and one screen right. Find the manhole and OPEN
HOLE and CLIMB LADDER. Go to screens to the right. There
will be some methane gas that comes. All you can do is hurry
past it. When you see part of walkway spliting to the left,
take that path. There is a cabinet in the next screen. OPEN
CABINET and GET MASK. Go back the way you came and head
down. Whenever you are having "a burning sensation in your
eyes" WEAR GAS MASK. Next time there is a path that goes to
the left, take that path. There should be a door in the next
screen. Never climb any ladders. When you see a door, open
the door. Marie should be in the corner stuck. TELL MARIE
TO BE QUIET then UNTIE ROPE. When you hear Bains come in the
room hind behind the wide pipe on the left part of the room.
When he gets near you start shooting him till you are
positive that he is dead.


You now that you have solved the game, play the game
over again and do some "exploring" on your own. It is fun to
explore, that is the only way to solve these type on games.

Please look for more of my hint books. There are a few
out and more on the way!

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