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Unprotect for Battle Hawks.
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Unprotect for Battle Hawks.
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The Stainless Steel Rat here, with a brief disparaging comment about
Lucasfilm Games and their newest product, _BattleHawks_1942_....Now, I
AM working with my esteemed colleague Larry Laffer to....ahem....perhaps
bypass the obnoxiously prevalent Q&A session EVERY mission....And I thought
F19 was BAD....Geeez....Anyway, should the Disk Fairy mysteriously
materialize a copy of BHawks on your harddrive, and you FINALLY get sick
of the 344,445,666,777,222th practice mission....Well, I humbly present this
to you....


The BattleHawks 1942

---------------- -----
/ / | |
/ ------------/ | |
/ / | |
| | ----- ----- ---------\ ---- ----- -----
| | | | | | | |||| | | | | |
| | | | | | | |||| | | -- | ----- -----
\ \ | ======= | | ------ | | | | | |
\ \ | ======= | | | | | | | | |
\ ----------- | | | | | ------ | | | | | |
\ / | | | | | | | |========| | | |
-----------/ ----- ----- ---------- -------------- -----



(Proof why they should vote in text editor-control bills....)

Anyway, what the scheme consists of is views of the same #%&^@* Zero
in various position and a cute password that corresponds....If you screw up,
chalk up one more practice run....Anyway, I have attempted to classify each
password by descibing the position of the plane....To even add some more
realism, I will use the time-honored clock system to help find the nose (id
ergo: Nose at three 'o clock....)....I will also describe the angle of the
wings and other neat goodies....'Nuff babbling, or else they'll take away
my electronic crayon....Here we go....

| Password | Facing | Inclination | Bomb Visible?| Band Visible? |

Yamamoto 4 o'clock 15 deg. left Partially Barely
Carrier 3 o'clock 15 deg. left No Yes
Infamy 2 o'clock 15 deg. left No Yes
Rabaul 4 o'clock 5 deg. left Half Yes
Hellcat 3 o'clock 5 deg. left Tip Yes
Spruance 2 o'clock 5 deg. left Back Half Yes
Cruiser 4 o'clock 0 deg. left Full Half
Fletcher 3 o'clock 0 deg. left Full Yes
Flattop 1 o'clock 0 deg. left Full Yes
Cactus 4 o'clock 5 deg. right Full Yes
Midway 3 o'clock 5 deg. right Full Yes
Catalina 1 o'clock 5 deg. right Full Yes
Corsair 4 o'clock 5 deg. right Full Yes
Sendai 3 o'clock 15 deg. right Full Yes
Halsey 2 o'clock 15 deg. right Full Yes

Explanation of above incomprehensible chart:

Password: Take a guess....
Facing: This is based on the "clock" system often used by the
military....Imagine yourself standing in the centre of
a clock....12 o'clock is ahead of you, 6 behind you....
In a graphic form:

Simple enough....
Inclination: This refers to the tilt of the wings and which
direction....To make things simple (HAH!), assume
you are looking straight ahead at the FRONT of
the plane....
The last two explain themselves....

The keystroke cheat:
Left controller button (or space bar):
Fire main machine gun
Right controller button (or ENTER):
Fire 20mm cannon (In Zero only)
Left and Right controller buttons (or ENTER):
Drop bomb/torpedo if one is present
P: Pause Game Q: Quit mission, get evaluation
E: Engine sound toggle S: Complete sound toggle
V: Display version L: Landing gear
F: Flaps toggle B: Speed brake toggle (Dauntless)
+: Increase throttle -: Decrease throttle
G: Gunsight toggle C: Replay Camera toggle
R: Replay mode J: Jump from plane
8: Look forward 6: Look right
4: Look Left 2: Look back/activate
3: Look at ground rear gun
9: Scan View

Replay Mode:
+: Increase camera -: Decrease camera
altitude altitude
R: Reposition camera F: Resume flight
to plane's location

Controller will move point-of-view and either controller
button will zoom straight ahead....
Also, to use Replay mode, you MUST hit C to turn the
camera on first....

Scan View:
Controller moves point-of-view....
Any other look key for that view....
8 to return to normal flight....


One last warning: Remember that the plane IS STILL IN
MOTION while you are in any other view, including tail-gunner,
so do your best not to hit the water....Also, you CAN "ditch"
your aircraft by making a level landing on the water....BTW,
after much long experimentation, I have found kamikaze (Japanese
for "divine wind") attacks impossible....


That should about wrap things up, so....Happy hunting!

The Stainless

(It ain't over yet!)


Sentinel Worlds I: FutureMagic I
The Paragraph Book
(for your reading pleasure!)


The much ignored CREDITS section:

Special thanks to Larry Laffer for inspiration,
logic, and bad dirty jokes....

Flash....The only man who springs for munchies
at 7-11 at three a.m....

My mother and father for making me possible....

NO! AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH! Take that thing off me! What shock treatment?!?!
Let me finish typin

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