Dec 092017
Unprotect for Space Quest IV.
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Unprotect for Space Quest IV.
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Contents of the SQ4FIX.DOC file

Space Quest IV!
From Sierra Online

Crack: Patch to make game solvable
Graphics: SWEET 256 Color VGA, EGA/CGA
Controls: Key/Stick/Rodent
Sound: Beeper/Adlib/SoundBlaster/Roland/The list goes on and on..

Cracking/Game Notes:

We missed a bit 'o protection on this one (yes, our first patch
in who knows how long) which would make some parts of the game
unsolvable. The patch will search through the resource files to
find the protection (which appears multiple times), write the
patch over it, and compute a checksum. It'll take about 20
seconds or so.


Humble Slave #8/THG

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