Dec 092017
Ultima 7 Cheat.
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Ultima 7 Cheat.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
README.TXT 629 286 deflated
U7CHEAT.DOC 4392 1843 deflated
U7CHT.BAT 63 63 stored
U7CHTS.BAT 100 98 deflated
U7UNCHT.EXE 13713 8173 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Ultima 7 Cheat System


U7CHEAT.DOC -- Discusses the ULTIMA7 cheat system.

U7CHT.BAT -- Runs Ultima 7 with the cheat system enabled.

U7CHTS.BAT -- Runs Ultima 7 with the cheat system enabled.
Also enables the "Stats/Eggs" mode.

U7UNCHT.EXE -- Run this program if you have already run the U7CHEAT.EXE
program which enabled part of the cheat system.

This will reverse the changes made to your U7.EXE program
so that you can use the built in cheat password and get
FULL ACCESS to ALL of the cheat system.

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