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Unprotect for ISHIDO-The Way Of The Stones.
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Unprotect for ISHIDO-The Way Of The Stones.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ISH_UNP.BAT 185 125 deflated
ISH_UNP.DAT 34 34 stored
ISH_UNP.DOC 786 470 deflated

Download File ISH_UNP.ZIP Here

Contents of the ISH_UNP.DOC file

The following is a description on how to patch "Ishido: The Way
of Stones", to disable the codewheel protection check made when
you start the game. Make sure and do this procedure on a BACKUP
and not your original disk. Copy the files ISH_UNP.BAT and
ISH_UNP.DAT (included with this file) to the same disk and
directory as your "Ishido" program. The DOS program DEBUG must
also be copied to the same location or be available along your

Then just run the BAT file at the DOS prompt:


Now the protection check will still show up but you can type in
any number and press Enter to continue on with the game. This
patch worked with the ISHIDO.EXE file dated 8-02-90 and 171,360
bytes in size.

Have fun,Scumbucket!

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