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Unprotect for Indiana Jones And Last Crusades.
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Unprotect for Indiana Jones And Last Crusades.
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As always there lurks a newer version of a deprotected program
awaiting the unsuspecting hacker. The INDY3.EXE in my version is
dated 08/14/90 and is 93769 bytes long. The version (displayed
with a Ctrl-V after game has started) is PC v1.3 8/14/89.

What SD did, of course, in his excellent writeup (INDY-UNP.ZIP)
was to write an Assembly Language patch into an unused area of the
program and then insert a calling instruction to jump to the
patch, tell the program a few lies, and then send it merrily on
its way. Unfortunately the addresses in my version did not match.
The new locations are presented here so that others may be spared
re-inventing the wheel.


Hit "R to get the register display and note the CS Value.

Get into the 2nd segment of the program:

CS+1000 - It was 248E:44d3 on my computer but the first four
digits will vary depending on what you have loaded into your low

Anyway, EDIT location XXXX:44D3 and change A1 FA 29 to EB A3 29
(CALL 6E79).

Then enter Dave's Magic Patch at the new location (Still in the
2nd segment of the program).

XXXX:64BA A1 FA 29 50 53 8B

XXXX:64C0 7A 8B 8A 07 02 47 02 02 47 04 02 47 06 74 1C C6

XXXX:64D0 07 0B C6 47 02 0B C6 47 04 0B C6 47 06 0B 2E C7

XXXX:64E0 06 90 53 A1 FA 2E C6 06 92 53 29 5B 58 C3

Write it all back to the disk. Rename INDY3 back to INDY3.EXE.

And Voila! a deprotected copy of Indiana Jones.

The same caveats apply as in the original deprotect:

"Push [ESC] to abort the opening credits and then again to abort
the first scenes or push [F5] to load saved game. You will then
be asked for a translation (patch will not work unless first
scenes are aborted).

When asked for your translation code enter the 12th symbol 4
times! Nothing else (not even the old correct translation) will

Do not use the restart [F8] as the patch is written over in memory
after the first translation (exit program and re-start instead).

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