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Unprotect "Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess".
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Unprotect “Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess”.
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BC2UNP.TXT 1901 831 deflated

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Contents of the BC2UNP.TXT file

Interplay Productions "Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess" Unprotection Scheme
Written by the Rogue Modulator

Are you tired of looking up words, codes, or other nonsense in a manual
to play that great new computer game that you just acquired? If you are,
here is a simple routine to fix that annoying copy protection scheme. This
unprotection scheme is for "Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess" from Interplay
Productions. The patch is intended to be used on the SETUP.EXE file dated
9-14-90 at 3:21pm. The file size should be 28,789 bytes. For those
reading this file who may be familiar with a program named EXEPACK.EXE from
Microsoft, the SETUP.EXE file is processed with EXEPACK.EXE (the CHESS2.EXE
file is processed with EXEPACK.EXE, as well.) Hence, use this patch on the
packed version of SETUP.EXE only! Results garnered from using the patch
on the unpacked version of SETUP.EXE (via UPACKEXE.EXE or another similar
utility) are unpredictable! The patch is really quite crude, but I was in
a hurry. The patch works by clobbering (through null overwriting) of the
secret codes included in the manual for each of the five fictional games.
Simply have DEBUG in the current directory or path, and have SETUP.EXE in
the current directory and then type BC2UNP. That's all there is to using
this unprotection scheme. When SETUP.EXE asks for the secret code upon
request to save the configuration, simply press 'Enter' once.


(The skilled hacker may wish to examine the BC2UNP.SCR DEBUG script to see
how the unprotection is managed.)


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