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Unprotect for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.
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Unprotect for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

To remove copy protection from CARMEN.EXE in "Where in the World
is Carmen Sandiego?" :

1. Copy CARMEN.EXE and DEBUG.EXE into the same directory with
the files in this archive.

2. At the DOS prompt, type CAR-UNP .

( designates 'carriage return' or 'enter' key)

3. You now have a new file named CARMEN1.EXE which can be
copied, run from the hard disk, or from any other drive
without the master disk in drive A.

NOTE: This unprotection scheme is distributed for use by
legitimate owners only, and is not intended to encourage
software piracy. The "CARMEN SANDIEGO" games represent an
excellent educational/recreational new genre of software,
which should be encouraged by buying a legitimate copy.
However, legitimate owners should NOT be required to search
through a pile of floppies every time they want to play the
game. (Why did I spend all this money on a hard disk,

Good luck,
Michael Yard

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