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A very simple unprotect for Battle Chess.
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A very simple unprotect for Battle Chess.
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I was not a chess player before I got Battle Chess, but I saw the fantastic
animation and was hooked. However, digging out the manual and looking up
the move EVERY TIME I PLAYED got to be bothersome, to say the least. If you
are of a similar sentiment, this routine might help you.

First, make a backup copy of your CHESS.EXE file. DO NOT run this on the
original. I developed this for my game and cannot guarantee its success
on earlier or later versions of the game.

Second, make sure DEBUG is in your current directory or in the path
(DEBUG.COM comes with almost every version of DOS I know of).

Third, run the batch file FIX-BC.BAT.

If everything worked out right, your game will now briefly flash up the
little rectangle asking you for the move (VERY briefly on my machine) but
will go ahead and load the game. Leave the manual on the shelf, where it
Good luck,
(No Offensive Protection)

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