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Very nice menu driven program to automatically unprotect 92 programs, mostly games, some recent.
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Category Unprotects for Games and Such
Very nice menu driven program to automatically unprotect 92 programs, mostly games, some recent.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
1.UNP 2048 344 deflated
10.UNP 2177 420 deflated
11.UNP 1536 219 deflated
12.UNP 1280 209 deflated
13.UNP 2560 278 deflated
14.UNP 2304 306 deflated
15.UNP 1664 264 deflated
16.UNP 1536 239 deflated
17.UNP 1664 265 deflated
18.UNP 1920 263 deflated
19.UNP 1152 187 deflated
2.UNP 2304 356 deflated
20.UNP 2048 364 deflated
21.UNP 1152 180 deflated
22.UNP 2432 517 deflated
23.UNP 2432 514 deflated
24.UNP 2432 514 deflated
25.UNP 2560 528 deflated
26.UNP 2432 512 deflated
27.UNP 2560 524 deflated
28.UNP 1280 205 deflated
29.UNP 1024 179 deflated
3.UNP 2688 401 deflated
30.UNP 1152 196 deflated
31.UNP 1408 189 deflated
32.UNP 1920 318 deflated
33.UNP 2048 331 deflated
34.UNP 1536 260 deflated
35.UNP 2304 335 deflated
36.UNP 1536 211 deflated
37.UNP 2176 310 deflated
38.UNP 1536 267 deflated
39.UNP 1536 267 deflated
4.UNP 2560 370 deflated
40.UNP 1536 268 deflated
41.UNP 1408 200 deflated
42.UNP 1152 182 deflated
43.UNP 1920 255 deflated
44.UNP 1920 313 deflated
45.UNP 2048 314 deflated
46.UNP 2048 323 deflated
47.UNP 2048 309 deflated
48.UNP 1152 185 deflated
49.UNP 1792 314 deflated
5.UNP 1408 199 deflated
50.UNP 1280 195 deflated
51.UNP 1280 201 deflated
52.UNP 1152 184 deflated
53.UNP 1152 186 deflated
54.UNP 1792 314 deflated
55.UNP 2944 361 deflated
56.UNP 1280 219 deflated
57.UNP 1280 192 deflated
58.UNP 2048 354 deflated
59.UNP 1152 186 deflated
6.UNP 1536 253 deflated
60.UNP 4992 443 deflated
61.UNP 4992 444 deflated
62.UNP 2432 360 deflated
63.UNP 1792 319 deflated
64.UNP 1152 182 deflated
65.UNP 1280 191 deflated
66.UNP 1920 287 deflated
67.UNP 2432 340 deflated
68.UNP 2176 368 deflated
69.UNP 2304 329 deflated
7.UNP 2944 276 deflated
70.UNP 1408 237 deflated
71.UNP 1664 246 deflated
73.UNP 1408 262 deflated
74.UNP 1280 195 deflated
75.UNP 1280 189 deflated
76.UNP 1408 205 deflated
77.UNP 1408 209 deflated
78.UNP 1152 184 deflated
79.UNP 2304 289 deflated
8.UNP 2048 236 deflated
80.UNP 2048 316 deflated
81.UNP 2048 307 deflated
82.UNP 1152 182 deflated
83.UNP 2048 314 deflated
84.UNP 1152 182 deflated
85.UNP 1152 183 deflated
86.UNP 1152 184 deflated
87.UNP 2176 255 deflated
88.UNP 1152 189 deflated
89.UNP 1280 196 deflated
9.UNP 2944 529 deflated
90.UNP 2816 322 deflated
91.UNP 1792 337 deflated
92.UNP 1664 281 deflated
DPRO1.HLP 1536 317 deflated
DPRO2.HLP 1920 400 deflated
DPRO3.HLP 768 176 deflated
DPROTECT.CHK 129 14 deflated
DPROTECT.EXE 75201 43982 deflated
DPROTECT.NAM 11776 1367 deflated
README.DOC 8182 2794 deflated
UNPR.NUM 128 9 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

The D-Protector
Menu Driven Copy Protection Removal Program

This program is being distributed as SHAREWARE. For
those of you who don't know, this means that I the programmer
would like you, the user to send me a small contribution of
between $15-$20, although any size contribution will be

Now, this is not money just thrown away, either.
Registering your program with me does have it's benifits.
For instance, you will be notified of updates to the program.
Because there are so many programs, I am constantly adding
program unprotects to my program. You, the registered user
will be entitled to these. You can also contact me for a
specific program unprotect, and I will see what I can do.

Because of the expense I have gone through to get these
unprotects and put them in my program, I feel that this is a
fairly small amount to ask for considering the usefulness of
the program. Where as programs such as Copyiipc copy the
copy protection right onto the target disk, thus still not
allowing you to run it from your hard drive, my program will
completely remove the copy protection, as if it were never

A lot of new programs are incorporating code wheels and
documentation copy protection schemes. These are the most
annoying of all copy protection's to me. I personally do not
intend to search through a whole book every time I want to
play a game. I would just as soon play something different.

I also run my own BBS. Any person that register's with
me will have completely free access to all areas, (Including
my DPROTECTER update area.) and will be already logged on
on your first call. (Send me a password with your
contribution, please.)

Anyway, send contributions to: Tim Trahan
Route 1, Box 559 D
Leland, MS 38756
Voice (601) 335-7007
BBS (601) 334-4718
(The Circuit Breaker BBS)

The D-Protector
Menu Driven Copy Protection Removal Program

Program Operation:

The program is very simplistic to use. The first time
you run the program, you will be prompted for your computer
setup. (If not, press F3 and configure the program to your
computer.) You will first be asked which drive the
D-Protector will be run from. Next you will be prompted for
the path in which the D-Protector will be run from. Make
sure you are correct in these two entries, else the program
will not find the unprotect files.

The next prompt will be for the source drive. This is
the drive that you will have a COPY (Never, ever use an
original disk because some companies put out more than one
version of the program and the unprotect may not work. It
is, however, PERMANENT. If you unprotect an original and it
does not work, you no longer have a program. So use a copy.)
Put only the drive here, no path. By the way, in all drive
specifications, make sure you include a : after the drive
letter. For instance if you source drive were A: make sure
you put A:, not A or the program will not work.

You can have a hard drive as your source drive, because
the program does not actually read the copy protection. What
my program does is go into the program code and alter the
program to bypass the copy protection. It does this using
MS-DOS debug, so make sure that file is in your current
drive/path or the program will not work.

After you get set up, the screen will come up with a
menu of programs. All you do is use the up/down arrows to
choose a program, and press enter. A dialog box will pop up,
informing you of any special requirements to run the chosen
unprotect. If all requirements have been met, press F10, and
a prompt will pop asking for the path the program is in.
Enter the path and press enter. The rest is automatic. If
all goes well, the program should say that the target file
should be unprotected. If it can't find the program file, it
will prompt you to insert it. If something should go wrong,
press Control C and terminate the batch file. You will when
be returned to the main menu of programs.

All that is left to do is to test the program. If it
works, great! If not, you have a different version of the
program then my program supports. Call me and check to see
if I have an unprotect for you.

Edit Unprotect:

This option allows you to edit an existing unprotect.
All files are debug script files that are executed by debug
when the unprotect is run. Therefore, the unprotect should
be written in debug language. If you don't know what you are
doing, don't mess with it.

This option also allows you to edit the name of the
unprotect, the protected file name, and the description of
the unprotect. Again, do not mess with these unless you know
what you are doing.

Add Unprotect:

This allows you to add an unprotect to the program. You
should know how to use debug if you are going to use this
option. Once you have entered the protected file name, use
the next screen like a mini-word processor. Make a debug
script file that will go in and remove/bypass the copy

Once you are done there, press F10 to continue. A pop
up box will appear. This screen works the same as the last
screen, except this is the screen for special instructions on
the unprotect. Once done, press F10 again.

Yet another box will appear prompting you for the name
of the unprotect. You should enter the program name here,
and press enter. That's it. The menu of programs will be
resorted, and the unprotect will be added.

By the way, any unprotect you add that works and that I
do not have, would be appreciated. By sending me this, you
will automatically become a registered user. You can send it
to me via my mailing address, or my BBS, which ever you

Future Editions:

Plans for future editions include, first and foremost,
more unprotects. A lot of my library of unprotects have
instructions that a debug script file can not accomplish. So
another future edition change will be that I am going to
completely redo the way unprotects are stored and executed.

I plan to completely bypass debug and design my on
editor. This will allow me to add another good 150
unprotects to my program. This will also eliminate the need
to have a different file (#'s 1 - 73) for each unprotect in
the library, hence allowing better usage of disk space on
regular floppy drives. Registered users will receive updates
free of charge (Except for postage and cost of disk.)

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