Dec 092017
Dark Seed: game unprotect.
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Dark Seed: game unprotect.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DARK_UNP.BAT 227 151 deflated
DARK_UNP.DAT 93 80 deflated
DARK_UNP.DOC 801 397 deflated

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Contents of the DARK_UNP.DOC file

The following is a description on how to patch "Darkseed" to
disable the keydisk check made when you start the game. First
you need to install the game to your hard drive. Then copy the
files DARK_UNP.BAT and DARK_UNP.DAT (included with this file) to
the same disk and directory as your "Darkseed" program. The DOS
program DEBUG must also be copied to the same location or must
be available along your PATH.

Then just run the BAT file at the DOS prompt:


Now the keydisk check will be bypassed and the game will start
without interuption. This patch makes changes to the TOS.EXE

Have fun, Scumbucket!

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