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Run Advanced Flight Simulator from HD without key disk.
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Run Advanced Flight Simulator from HD without key disk.
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Contents of the AFSFIXER.DOC file

Run Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator
on your PC without the key disk, and on non-compatible clones
(by Herb Sorock)

Are you annoyed by the need to keep your key disk handy when you want to
run Electronic Arts Advanced Flight Simulator from your hard disk?

Does AFS obnoxious copy-protection scheme give you the "no key disk"
message when you run it on less-than-100% IBM-compatible PC's (such as
the Zenith 151)?

Are you worried that the inability to make a archival backup jeopardizes
your investment in the software should something happen to the original

Do you feel ripped-off when Electronic Arts wants $10 to send you an
unprotected copy so you can get around the problems noted above?

Well, when I purchased my copy of the AFS, I was mad too! So I decided
to do something about it! The result is AFSFIXER.COM, described in this
"DOC" file. AFSFIXER.COM allows you to forget about ever needing the
AFS key disk again.

What does AFSFIXER.COM do? After you run it, you will get a message
indicating that it has been installed. Then, just start the AFS program
as you normally do. Note that the program no longer looks to drive A
for the key disk. AFSFIXER.COM makes it think it's there! (AFSFIXER is
a memory-resident program which does NOT modify your AFS disk, so don't
worry that something will get clobbered).

After you exit to DOS from AFS, be sure to run AFSFIXER.COM again so
that it can uninstall itself. If you don't do this, you'll find drive A
won't work properly anymore. Probably the easiest thing to do is to put
AFSFIXER.COM in the .BAT file that executes the Advanced Flight
Simulator, both BEFORE and AFTER the line with AFS.EXE (the main program

Note: because of the way AFSFIXER works, you will NOT be able to start
Advanced Flight Simulator from drive A. If you have a hard disk,
install and run it from that disk. If you have a two-floppy system, you
may start AFS only from the B drive.

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