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Unprotect bop'n wrestle for HD.
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Unprotect bop’n wrestle for HD.
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HOW TO UNPROTECT: Mindscape's Bop'n Wrestle

This document contains all you need to know on how you can run Mindscape's
Bop'n Wrestle game on an uninstalled hard disk. This so-called `protection
scheme' is so simple, and absolutely foolproof.

When you install the Bop'n Wrestle (BNW) on the hard disk, it creates a
empty file on your root directory called IBMAA.COM. When I mean empty file, I
mean that it is just there for existence which the BOP.EXE looks for. When you
execute BOP.EXE, the Mindscape logo appears, then the BNW title loads, along
with its pitiful music. Pitiful! Anyway, after that, it searches on drive C:\
(drive C:'s root directory) for IBMAA.COM for its existence and its existence
only. If it can find it, the game will proceed. Otherwise, it exits abnormally
which may cause the user to reset, due to some memory change (I think). So, all
you have to do is to create IBMAA.COM on C:\ by means of EDLIN.COM, etc. Easy!

I haven't been able to copy the diskette itself, but I'm still at work!

Rj Fresh -- 20MB Hard Drive -- Floating Point (near Serial Port), Pascal NY

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