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Unprotect for Police Quest II.
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Unprotect for Police Quest II.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

The accompanying files PQ2.BAT and PQ2.DAT will patch SIERRA.EXE
for "Police Quest II". The startup nuisance will be painless
forever more as you will still be prompted for a name for the
criminal shown but you can simply hit [Enter] and the game will

In order to install this patch make sure a copy (not your original
please) of SIERRA.EXE is in the current directory along with the
PQ2 files. The patch utilizes DEBUG.COM so this must also be in
the current directory or in your PATH. Now just type PQ2 to run
the batch file and the patch will take place.

Thanks to PIRATES-R-US for providing "free space" with their patch
to Kings Quest IV.

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