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Unprotect 688 Sub game.
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Unprotect 688 Sub game.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

AFT 2.0 & 688 Attack sub patches

#1 - Have DEBUG.COM in the current path
#2 - Copy all of patch files to the game disk/directory
#3 - type the name of the .BAT file in this set

That's it!

This utility is designed for people who laid down their cash for
an entertainment program and are frustrated with the copy
protection. The key word in that sentence is CASH- if you do not
OWN the program you have no business using this utility- delete
it now.

Copy protection has moved from "key disks" to "Manual scanning"
and code wheels or charts. If your computer area looks like mine
it is awash with manuals, memos, disks, and general clutter. I
prefer to pull out a manual when I need help. Some of the copy
protection schemes actually require that the user check a key
passage SEVERAL times during a play session. This is

I put up with this nonsense until yesterday when I purchased 688
Attack Sub. Not only are you required to find a three letter
code several times during a play session- the method of entry is
by pressing up/down keys to go through the alphabet! I can't
TYPE THE LETTERS??? ENOUGH! So last night I broke the protection
with a two byte patch that I am making available to other 688

I was pleased with the results so I also patched Advanced Flight
Trainer which I also purchased yesterday. In due time I am going
to work my way through my other entertainment programs and make
the patches available via Freeware on BBS's.

I want it understood that these patches are designed for LEGAL
OWNERS of the respective programs- NOT for the facilitation of
piracy. If you don't pay for the software they won't write any
more. Reward good programs with your purchase. At the same time
write to the publishers and tell them that this "manual
scanning" is STILL copy protection (contrary to the claim on the
box). A rose by any other name...

Brian Lawler,
Lawler Microsystems
RR #2
St. Joseph, MO 64505-9661
(816) 232-0286

Microcomputer programming and consultation services for the
Saint Joseph - Kansas City area.



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