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Great Helocopter Game.
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Unprotect Sierra’s 3D Helicopter, NO DEBUG.
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Contents of the HELI_UNP.DOC file

Well Sierra tried pretty hard BUT,

As long as they waste their talents creating copy protection
schemes, I'll waste mine making sure we can all use the hard disks
that we paid for......

The Unprotection program included here will make it possible
for you to run the Helicopter program on any diskette or on your
hard drive. It will work for both versions 1.00 and 1.10.

What they did is create a loader file (HELI.COM) that
reads a hidden file (CPC.COM) on the original disk and loads a
translation table into the loader file. HELI.COM then uses that
table to decrypt the file MAIN which is encoded. After decoding
the file MAIN, which contains the actual simulation, it is loaded
and executed.

HELI_UNP.EXE will insert three (3) NOP's, at the correct
position in the file HELI.COM (which is different for each version),
and then loads the translation table which will allow you to execute
the program without the original diskette.

Put HELI_UNP.EXE on the same diskette or in the same sub-
directory with a COPY of HELI.COM and execute it. If you have a
version that I didn't have it will do nothing, otherwise it will
notify you of successful completion.


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