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FINANCIA Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
$TKTRX3.ZIP214842May 24 1989Investers will find The $tokTraX System to be a securities database that is fast, easy-to use, and powerful.
$WIZ10S.ZIP244976Mar 31 1993Home Cashflow Wizard. Program to help organize and prioritize your bills. Spreadsheet-style organization. Shareware.
10KEY20.ZIP100362Apr 4 1993Judy's 10 Key Calculator for Windows - extremely powerful, tape record, etc.
2-IN-1.ZIP35747Apr 5 1992Combination rpn/financial calculator.
ACCTSYS2.ZIP76415Apr 12 1986Personal Accounting System.
ACE100.ZIP133513Oct 31 1993THE ANNUITY ACE v1.00 [ASP] produces professional illustrations for deferred, immediate and split annuities (Savings, IRA, 401K, etc).
AEA501E.ZIP314764Oct 1 1992AsEasyAs (1-2-3) Clone. Very Fast, Very Compatible. Great Graphics. Uses 1-2-3 or Symphony files without conversion. Excellent.
AK1.ZIP139854Dec 7 1988Personal Checking/Savings Account Manager - Multiple Accounts.
ALITE-R.ZIP214915Jul 8 1993Alite is a powerful spreadsheet program with graphics and minimum hardware requirements. Lotus .WKS compatible. Version 1.20r is now TSR.
AMOIT20.ZIP359169Jun 15 1994AmortizeIT! 2.0 DOS/WIN, flexible, easy to use loan analyzer. Includes a schedule + 6 calculators: loan, refinance, remain balance, accelerated payments, interest due & balloon payment. 25 NEW FEATURES. From Pine Gr
AMORT.ZIP10803Feb 15 1993Give amoritization schedule. Windows.
AMORT180.ZIP47266Mar 6 1985Compute mortgage amortization. Many differnt options.
AMORT42.ZIP45087Jul 12 1989AMORT -- a fast, full-featured loan amortization program.
AMORTIT.ZIP225880Apr 22 1990Loan amortizer. Does loan calculations.
AMORTW25.ZIP193821Nov 13 1992Amortizer for Windows V2.5. Very nicely done.
AMORTZ16.ZIP114693Oct 31 1994AMORTZ - Loan Schedules & More. v1.60 The EASY financial loan calculation system.
AMTAX93.ZIP228084Nov 23 1993AM-TAX is a program assists you in preparing your 1993 Federal Tax Return. Excellent program, the best available.
AMTAX94.ZIP278189Dec 5 19941994 Federal Income Tax return program.
ANALYST.ZIP53204May 12 1986Mortgage/Investment Analysis - Excellent.
AR140.ZIP130521Oct 19 1986Latest version of Excellent Accounts Receivable system.
ASP_STAT.ZIP181745Dec 7 1990Statistical analysis application. Menu driven, lots of features. Shareware, Student discount. Regression, Stem Plots, and Histograms. Easy to use, online docs.
ATTYBIL3.ZIP192496Sep 14 1988An attorney's billing manager. Written in dBase.
AUTOLEAS.ZIP586287Feb 20 1995AUTO LEASE/BUY DECISION MAKER DEMO - (02/95) Before you make a decision to lease or purchase any vehicle, you'll want Auto Lease/ Buy Decision Maker.
BALANCE.ZIP147931Mar 4 1989Balancing Act -- Easy to use Checkbook Program.
BAM351.ZIP208203Jan 6 1993Bank Accout Manag v3. Bank Management Program. Bank Account Manager is an easy to use full featured bank manager. This program tracks more than just checking accounts.
BANKV1_2.ZIP42524Jan 25 1992The Touch Tone Bank Dialer Version 1.2.
BAS16.ZIP313769Nov 6 1993BUSINESS ACCOUNTING SYSTEM v1.6 The BA is an accounting software designed especially for a small service or consulting business. It performs invoicing, tracks and reports revenues and billings, accounts receivable, etc.
BE102.ZIP66930Jul 30 1989"BreakEven" is a program designed for small business owners or aspiring owners to help them in their business planning.
BESTCHEQ.ZIP51709Jun 6 1985BestCheq is a checkbook balancing program.
BF327.ZIP114713Jan 18 1994BigFin is a practical, multi-purpose finance program. The four areas covered are Annuity & Savings, Business & Finance, Loans, and Miscellaneous.
BILLIT.ZIP82165Jun 22 1993THE BILLIT PROGRAM 3.1: Prints invoices, statements, and purchase orders. Automatic numbering. Customer and item description databases. Laser or dot matrix. Prints on plain paper. Database holds 5000 customer addresses.
BMASTER3.ZIP56906Mar 13 1989Newest version of checking account and bill management software, very easy to use.
BNKBUD10.ZIP866689Apr 28 1993Banking Buddy 1.0 - is a comprehensive, general purpose budgeting system with the ability to track details of your cheque and credit card accounts. Windows 3.X program.
BONDS20.ZIP174960Feb 21 1993Keep track of all your U.S. Savings bonds by easily letting you log each bond. It will let you know when each bond will reach maturity and give you an estimate on its present value. Windows 3.X.
BONUS-1.ZIP37258May 21 1991Additional files for As-Easy-As spreadsheet.
BOOKKE21.ZIP126004Jul 14 1991Bookkeeping Made Painless v2.1 small business bookkeeping package.
BUDGET03.ZIP102514Jun 21 1994BUDGET MANAGER is a Windows 3.1 application for managing household budgets with several Funds and Accounts.
BUYAHOME.ZIP101014Jun 12 1990BuyAHome is a personal finance program that can help homebuyers and homeowners save hundreds to thousands of dollars by assisting them in the comparison of loan and prepayment options.
CAI.ZIP12597Jan 5 1989Info on computer aided investing.
CARLOAN.ZIP43950Jan 1 1992Car Loan will help calculate the amount of a new car loan.
CASH.ZIP103019Nov 1 1989Cash Control Version 1.0 simplifies your home financial record keeping. Complete accounts tracking manager.
CASHEXP1.ZIP54013Mar 21 1992CASHEXP is a shareware program to make recording of cash expenses easy and quick. You need to understand database management. CASHEXP features color and flexibility.
CASHFL10.ZIP57252Jan 1 1991A business cash flow forecaster for three years of operations.
CB52.ZIP330433Mar 8 1993CheckBook Plus Cash Management System v5.2. Full-featured cash management and budgeting system that helps you master your financial affairs.
CGZ30P.ZIP212376May 21 1992Capital Gainz 3.0P Portfolio manager for small investors and professional managers. Ideal for 'dollar-cost averaging.' Record purchases, sales, dividends, capital gains, etc. Part 1 of 2.
CGZP30P.ZIP348836May 21 1992Capital Gainz 3.0P Portfolio manager for small investors and professional managers. Ideal for 'dollar-cost averaging.' Record purchases, sales, dividends, capital gains, etc. Part 2 of 2.
CHARG111.ZIP116907Aug 16 1992Charge account manager V1.11 transactions, notes & reports.
CHCKWRT1.ZIP56900Oct 29 1992CKWRT1 is used to write personal checks on an HP Deskjet printer. It also maintains a check register and a library of payees.
CHECKS75.ZIP306774May 11 1994Talking checkbook manager. Version 7.5.
CHEX31.ZIP115303Jun 13 1992An easy to use checkbook program which helps in balancing and can be used for credit cards, savings accounts, and other types of debit/credit bookkeeping.
CHKBKMGR.ZIP219120Aug 4 1991CheckBook Manager v2.00 tracks checks with English/Spanish switching. Also has "tickler" features.
CHKMATE.ZIP127724Jul 28 1988CheckMate is a full-featured, interactive home financial program.
CHKPRO.ZIP46353Apr 15 1986Balances your checkbook.
CHKSTUB.ZIP68551Sep 14 1988Multiple Account Checkbook Keeper.
CM104.ZIP136642Nov 5 1986Excellent Check Book Manager.
CMP-503.ZIP198864Mar 4 1991Checkbook Management Program v5.03 A full featured checkbook manager. Enter, edit, or delete transactions. Reconcile bank statement. Print checks (any format).
COLA.ZIP168417Feb 15 1991Lets you figure cost of living from 1750 til 1990.
CONV-42S.ZIP4108Jan 19 1994Unit conversion code for HP 42S.
COSTEFF1.ZIP145813Oct 15 1987COST EFFECTIVE is a bill of materials program which is of use to manufacturers who need to track the cost of the manufactured products due to fluctuations in the cost of raw materials.
CRISDISK.ZIP225125Oct 12 1989CRIS v1.0 Cash register and inventory system.
CSCSTK35.ZIP156243Apr 29 1990CSC Stock portfolio manager V3.5. Helps track stocks.
CSHFLOW.ZIP42174Dec 10 1991CASHFLOW 1.5: Controls expenses and monthly income. Prints total.
DASST.ZIP205337Mar 31 1993STABLE DATA ASSISTANT v1.02 - Provides a set of highly flexible data management functions for maintaining financial ASCII data. Automated daily/historical retrieval from CompuServe.
DATAPLOT.ZIP58140Jul 19 1991DATA PLOT will plot up to 18 data points on the screen with or without labels and grid lines.
DBT123.ZIP115309Oct 31 1993THE DEBT ANALYZER v1.23 [ASP] A package designed to help reduce and eliminate debt. Debt reduction is illustrated through a loan payment schedule or through loan consolidation.
DCTAX90.ZIP6394Feb 21 1991A QubeCalc spreadsheet that will help complete the 1990 DC Tax forms.
DEBTFR30.ZIP183778Mar 24 1993DEBT-FREE 3.0: Promotes early payoff of home mortgages. Incl. "What-If" calculator, printing amortizer, and a "Payment Log" to calculate and date-record mortgage payments. Shareware ($29.95) from Accutax Accounting.
DEBTMG.ZIP59940Oct 31 1993Credit Card Payoff Program. A Complete do-it-yourself debt management software package that saves thousands in credit card interest penalties.
DIMANA.ZIP248375Jul 15 1991Rental property management software.
DUR30TM.ZIP106091Mar 1 1989Calculates financial duration of bonds and other debt instruments.
EASYQTE1.ZIP157669Aug 19 1989This price quoting program is for those seeking an easy to use program and only need a product file with a single unit cost and price.
ECON2.ZIP435791Mar 15 1995ECON 2.0: Stock Market Forecasting. Econometric models of S&P 500, T Bond and T Bill interest rates, inflation, nd gold. Enter 9 numbers monthly to get statistically optimized forecasts for 3, 6, and 12 months ahead. Share
ECS110.ZIP216068Jul 27 1991EliteCheck v1.10 electronic check register.
ECSTAT12.ZIP185878Jul 27 1990This is a simple econometrics program, designed for instructional use.
EEBOND3W.ZIP1372044Oct 23 1994EE Bond 3.0 for Windows! Latest Series EE US Savings Bond tracker that can report value of individual or all of your Bonds using a past, present, or future date. Updateable using future Federal Data Charts.
EFT93B.ZIP63130Nov 13 1993ETF93A.ZIP v1.2 - Electronic Tax Filing 93. Disk 2 of 2. A full-featured software package for filing your tax returns electronically to the IRS. Handles all forms, schedules, statements and even comes with an 8453 form.
ESTTAX10.ZIP25388Sep 1 1988Estimate your taxes. Very helpful.
ETF93A.ZIP288105Nov 28 1993ETF93A.ZIP v1.2 - Electronic Tax Filing 93. Disk 1 of 2. A full-featured software package for filing your tax returns electronically to the IRS. Handles all forms, schedules, statements and even comes with an 8453 form.
EXPCHK40.ZIP243884Jan 8 1990Very good checkbook program. Manages all your accounts.
FAPRO-1.ZIP258448Apr 15 1993FAPROA v1.2 - File 1 of 2, Fixed Asset Pro is a comprehensive fixed asset management system. Using pull down menus, the program calculates depreciation on multiple bases, applies tax limits, etc.
FAPRO-2.ZIP200312Apr 15 1993FAPROB v1.2 - File 2 of 2, This is the second half of FAPRO. You must have both files FAPROA & FAPROB to install the complete program.
FBK500.ZIP341701Apr 9 1992Fastbucks Home Finance Manager, version 5.00.
FC4.ZIP107449Apr 11 1989This is version 4.0 of Fred's Checkbook. A good checkbook manager and home ledger program.
FCALC.ZIP117303Aug 24 1993A Financial calculator with many flexible options.
FC_V36.ZIP65178Mar 13 1989Financial Calculator will help you evaluate your loan and investment decisions without the problems of trying to calculate complicated formulas.
FHA_LOAN.ZIP104029May 28 1992Calculate FHA loan costs, including closing costs.
FINANCE5.ZIP166010Mar 18 1988Easy to finance program for home.
FINANKT.ZIP39509Feb 26 1988This program will figure many differnt types of financial calaculations. Includes loan payment schedules.
FORMULAS.ZIP8404Apr 23 1988Some good date and financial forumlas.
FP212.ZIP57659May 2 1987Financial Planner - does a variety of calculations on loans, etc.
FREETK.ZIP139184May 25 1988Excellent equation solving software. Easy to use. Samples included!.
FW550.ZIP128450Sep 17 1993Financial Wizard - investment analysis program.
GEMOLOGY.ZIP53589Jul 8 1987Help in appraising diamonds and gemstones. Interesting.
GIST371.ZIP337097Aug 13 1992GIST (General Invoice Sales Tracker) Plus, v 3.71. gross income and customer billing program geared toward the small business which uses pre-printed handwritten customer invoices. allows these firms to use a computer for b
GRENTA.ZIP68128Mar 10 1992Landlords Rental Property DB - Tracks income, loans, cashflow, expenses etc. - the works.
GSST20EA.ZIP284468Apr 10 1990GoldSpread Statistical, 1-2-3 clone. Demo program, can not save or print. Part 1 of 2.
GSST20EB.ZIP19694Apr 10 1990GoldSpread Statistical. Part 2 of 2.
HA.ZIP189957Feb 21 1989Home Accounts software. Supports financial manipulation including: checking accounts, credit cards, utility bills, motgage payments, and many others.
HBMS.ZIP148179Dec 10 1990Home Budget Management System, v 4.2. An excellent home and small business accounting system, generates reports, prints checks. Full screen menus, easy.
HBR20.ZIP143995Apr 15 1992Home buying and refinancing calculator.
HBRM15.ZIP86005Mar 10 1994Home Basis Record Manager. Everyone who owns a house or condo needs this program to keep track of the basis (cost) of their property.
HBSK.ZIP113686Nov 3 1992Home business starter kit. Includes lots of useful info.
HIFI218.ZIP626908Feb 11 1993HI, FINANCE! v2.18 . Windows 3.x Financial planning & calculation tool. Iconic, menu, button bar interfaces. Financial calculator, loan calculation & amortization, personal financial planner, investment analysis.
HMV1W.ZIP38271Nov 17 1992House Mouse for Windows. Windows mortgage program with graphics, what if, spreadsheet compatible file output, and mouse controlled.
HOMEBIZ.ZIP41405Jan 26 1986HOMEBIZ is a program for maintaining financial records of a home (small) business.
HRBM11.ZIP82428Jul 27 1991Home Basis Record Manager. Tracks adjustments to basis on multiple homes, condos, and/or rental units. Great for tax benefit tracking. Nicely done.
INT226.ZIP130370Mar 13 1993THE INTEREST ANALYZER v2.26 [ASP] produces professional schedules and illustrations for savings, annuities, loans, mortgages and depreciation.
INTCRD.ZIP38021Dec 4 1994FAQ on credit from internet. Includes banking credit repair, etc.
INVDEM.ZIP78556Jul 24 1991Excel 3.0 personal invoicing macro demo.
INV_MTRX.ZIP13683Jul 20 1991Solves determinant and inverse of a matrix. TP 4.0+ source included.
IQ.ZIP67508Jun 9 1993Convert WinCim and other on-line services and mutual fund quotes to a Quicken (DOS and Windows) import file. Shareware.
KEYRATIO.ZIP41967Jul 4 1989Calculate 10 of the most common key business ratios.
KSTAT1.ZIP192676Dec 19 1991Statistical Data Analysis package designed by professional statisticians and researchers. Includes help on choosing the correct analysis to use. Windows like pull-down menus. Part 1 of 2.
KSTAT2.ZIP318441Dec 4 1991Statistical Data Analysis package designed by professional statisticians and researchers. Includes help on choosing the correct analysis to use. Windows like pull-down menus. Part 2 of 2.
LM21.ZIP95534Apr 8 1990Loan_db_Manager is a loan management system which includes: Loan Database, find missing variables, PrePayment Analysis, Balloons Payments, Remaining Balance, and much more.
LOAN.ZIP54413Dec 16 1989Easy way to figure loan payments, rates of interest, etc.
LOANL150.ZIP90789Jan 1 1993GENEBIT LOAN CALCULATOR LITE v1.50 - FREE Loan Calculator: professional quality. Calculates payments, total interest, prints amortization tables.
LOANRANG.ZIP65831Sep 9 1991The Loan Arranger: Loan and Mortgage payment and amortization program with microsoft compatible mouse support, additional principal capability and many other features.
LOANSAV2.ZIP61220Mar 17 1991An very good loan analysis program.
MA.ZIP29451Feb 26 1986Home Budget Program.
MATHPAD.ZIP70956Aug 20 1987A great calculator program. Does just about everything.
MD130.ZIP88672Jul 15 1992Mortgage Designer for Windows 3.1. Excellent.
MD91.ZIP132496Jan 27 1992MD91 v 1.1 (Jan 92) 1991 Maryland resident tax return - for use with TAX91.
MDTAX94.ZIP10763Jan 6 1995Maryland Taxes 1994 - Excel 4/5 spreadsheet.
MD_1992.ZIP185759Jan 1 1993Maryland 1992 individual income tax - for use with TAX_1992.
MES1.ZIP603333Apr 26 1993Market Edge v1.0s - for the beginning stock investor.
MILPAY.ZIP487478Sep 20 1993A military retirement pay calculator for WINDOWS. Shareware.
MIZER251.ZIP419106May 27 1990Mizer Version 2.51 is a compete home and small office budget manager. Also includes a reminder utility, full documentation, and other nice functions.
MLY30TM.ZIP63679Mar 1 1989Mortgage investment yield calculator. Calculates yield/price for mortgages and mortgage-backed securities under different prepayment assumptions and models.
MM40.ZIP186241Feb 15 1992Mortgage payment calculation program.
MODBIL74.ZIP151748Jul 8 1991Billing system that is an automated client billing and accounts receivable system that makes use of your PC.
MORT113.ZIP143942Oct 31 1993Mortgage calculator v1.13 -- Full featured loan and mortgage calculation program.
MRCRY209.ZIP293585Mar 24 1992MERCURY equation solver, rev 2.09. Formerly Borland/s EUREKA, now released as shareware by its author.
MSCALC1.ZIP73158Feb 5 1993Money Smith Financial Calculator 1.0 Professional financial calculator for Windows 3.X. Pop-up easy to understand dialogs make it a snap to use. Supports all popular financial functions in both infix and postfix mode
NONLIN21.ZIP179950Feb 6 1993NONLIN v2.1 - Linear and nonlinear statistical regression. Nonlin determines the values of parameters for an equation, whose form you specify using ordinary algebraic notation, that cause the equation to best fit a s
NUMTOWRD.ZIP2605Apr 22 1991A Quattro macro to change numbers to words. Useful for check writing, spreadsheets etc.
OPTION10.ZIP53834Oct 28 1990Black-Scholes price and volatility calculator for financial options (options on debt instruments and futures).
PAC540.ZIP596564Jun 7 1991Painless Accounting is a fully integrated accounting package. The modules included consist of: General Ledger, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchases, File Maintenance, Reports, Closing, and Utilities.
PAIN-ACC.ZIP203769Mar 28 1990A very complete and easy to use accouting package. Includes general ledger, budget, checkbook, etc.
PARITY2.ZIP4107Jan 15 1993Description of the Parity Technical Analysis investment software package for Windows 3.X.
PCCP2-1.ZIP255136Jun 22 1990PC Calc Plus V2.0 - Great public domain spreadsheet program from ButtonWare.
PCCP2-2.ZIP242313Jun 22 1990File 2 of PC Calc Plus V2.0.
PCCP2-3.ZIP136583Jun 20 1989PC Calc Plus V2.0 - file 3, the documentation.
PCEST.ZIP162397Nov 25 1994PC-Estimator 5.06: Cost estimating, pricing, quotation system. Menu-driven, easy-to-use, cost estimating system for residential and commercial construction. The full registered system comes with a 3000-item cost database.
PCLOAN5.ZIP202659Jul 14 1990Comprehensive Mortgage calculation program.
PCSTAT22.ZIP303274May 29 1991Excellent statistics program. Computes, means, variances, histograms, etc. of two data sets and compares them. Reads 123, dBase, DIF, and ASCII files.
PC_STOCK.ZIP103898Jan 11 1987PC-STOCK is a general purpose stock trend analysis program.
PFDEMO.ZIP252967Jan 27 1990Demo of PLANFINDER, a program that allows a homebuyer to interactively pin-point house plans which satisfy his specifications.
PFU1.ZIP197446Jun 21 1991Pelton's Financial Utilities 1/2.
PFU2.ZIP242312Apr 29 1991Pelton's Financial Utilities 2/2.
PIA88.ZIP100810Jun 25 1988This program will help calculate future Social Security Benifits.
PIV20.ZIP132566Jul 5 1990Print As-Easy-As spreadsheets sideways and in any font. Version 2.0.
PORT39.ZIP345334Dec 13 1993Strong portfolio management package. Downloads from on-line databases, computes before and after tax Return on Investment, etc.
PORTMGR1.ZIP280097Mar 1 1993Investment record keeping system. Tracks all type investments. Up to 5 separate accts. Flexible report capability. Mouse support. Part 1 of 3.
PORTMGR2.ZIP259632Mar 1 1993Investment record keeping system. Tracks all type investments. Up to 5 separate accts. Flexible report capability. Mouse support. Part 2 of 3.
PORTMGR3.ZIP272255Mar 1 1993Investment record keeping system. Tracks all type investments. Up to 5 separate accts. Flexible report capability. Mouse support. Part 3 of 3.
POS.ZIP114788Sep 2 1989Very good Purchase Order system. Prints purchase orders, keeps track of vendors, prints reports on open/closed PO's, etc.
PROBILL.ZIP148441Jun 14 1993PROBILL S1.0 is a complete billing and accounts receivable system designed to be versatile, efficient, fast, and easy to use. Print on any kind of paper. Full receivables tracking with extensive reporting.
PROSPANS.ZIP626000Jun 21 1994Buy Sell Negotiate Financial Expenditure Justification Skills.
PRTY14D1.ZIP353243Apr 26 1993Parity 1.4 is a sophisticated stock charting and T/A program for Windows 3.x. Over 30 indicators, multiple charts and panes, user defined formulas, candlestick, point & figure and Equivolume charts. Part 1 of 2.
PRTY14D2.ZIP345357Apr 26 1993Parity 1.4 is a sophisticated stock charting and T/A program for Windows 3.x. Over 30 indicators, multiple charts and panes, user defined formulas, candlestick, point & figure and Equivolume charts. Part 2 of 2.
PURCH30.ZIP74005Sep 12 1987A simple purchase order system for business.
QAPPS.ZIP15344Aug 27 1992Mini Pascal (w/o Source) programs that are ideal for palmtops (size and display) for calculating mortgage payment info, return of interest on a CD. Other Quick Apps are available.
QFAST2.ZIP67710Mar 18 1990QED Financial Assistant.
QSTOCK.ZIP88241Apr 10 1988Stock price forecasting system that uses Fourier analysis.
QTAX107.ZIP114590Mar 31 1994Estimate Federal income tax for 1994.
QUALIFYR.ZIP145088Dec 16 1994QualifyR 1.0 Home Buyer's Residential Financing Qualification Program: Unlike other mortgage programs, QualifyR computes and itemizes Closing Costs, Monthly Income Required and other mortgage variables using Fannie M
QUBE302.ZIP152338Jul 15 1988Qube Calc version 3.02 is a powerful 3-D spreadsheet.
RCFW11.ZIP242458Apr 29 1993Windows 3.1 program to track and forecast your mutual fund accounts.
REAL.ZIP35646May 21 1987REALCALC is a user friendly, menu driven Realtors' Financial Computation Program.
REALCOST.ZIP54774Feb 16 1989Determine the real cost of real estate ownership.
RES.ZIP117848Apr 10 1987RES is a computer software system developed to assist the "typical" real estate office to store and retrieve information about properties for sale, pending and closed sales as well as details about your agents.
RETIRE30.ZIP164338Dec 30 1992A complete financial retirement planner.
RETIRECS.ZIP115651Apr 25 1992Excellent Menu-driven program to compute Federal employee CSRS retirement annuities.
RFA24.ZIP37399May 10 1992Resident Floating Point Scientific Calculator.
SA310.ZIP173967Mar 25 1992Security Analyst is a program for fundamental analysis of stocks. It takes balance sheet numbers and makes sense of them.
SAGET102.ZIP72764Jun 7 1984SAGE TRADER analyzes, displays and prints commodity price records. It permits the commodities trader to concentrate on trends instead of details.
SAVINGS.ZIP44395Mar 11 1993Investment withdrawal program. Calculates the effect of taxes, yield, and inflation on an investment fund and monthly withdrawals from such fund. A retirement planning tool.
SBADV934.ZIP656907Oct 12 1993Small Business Advisor - comprehensive for 50 states.
SBAFIN.ZIP49716Sep 10 1992Complete listing of all SBA financial loan programs. Name, eligability, amount, etc. From the SBA BBS.
SBAS.ZIP99001Feb 8 1989Small Business Accounting System. Fundamental but useful. It goes almost literally by the text books of low-level college accounting courses.
SCHEDULE.ZIP50212Nov 25 1986SCHEDULE is capable of doing on-line payment calculations, and dated Amortization Schedules.
SCHWAB24.ZIP36760May 21 1991Charles Schwab Commission Calculator (version 2.4).
SCRCAL15.ZIP10382Jun 10 1989Function extensive TSR calculator program.
SES.ZIP40447Oct 1 1987SES, Simultaneous Equation Solver, is a spreadsheet based program for solving sets of linear simultaneous equations.
SIMST1.ZIP293037May 5 1993SIMEDIT v1.0, a spreadsheet data editor: Import Lotus, dBase, SPSS, & ASCII; export dBase, SPSS, & ASCII file; conditional transformation with more than 47 operators and functions; assignment of variable/value labels, etc.
SIMST2.ZIP116792Apr 19 1993SimEditor - spreadsheet data editor. Part 2 of 2.
SMART$.ZIP34563Mar 6 1988Simple stock market analysis program.
SMITH2.ZIP304743Jun 30 1992Money Smith 2.0 financial management for Windows 3.X. Features a simple double entry graphical accounting system with a toolbar, user-selectable startup, view and font/print options, a financial calculator, graphics, inter
SMITHD.ZIP180152Dec 15 1991Money Smith for Windows 3.X. Excellent accounting program for home or business.
SNC.ZIP43828Jan 2 1986Excellent scientific calculator, problem solver, etc.
SPRM41.ZIP136299Aug 28 1994Stock Portfolio Record Manager - new version released August 1994. If you invest in the market, you need this program.
SSHEET.ZIP30555Apr 16 1989"Scratch Calc" a one screen Spreed Sheet utility.
STATPA.ZIP16244Sep 18 1990Various statistical macros for Microsoft Excel.
STAX9420.ZIP287022Dec 20 19941994 SHARE-TAX/1040 v2.0 -Full-featured 1040 tax program for individual and paid pre- parers. 1040, A, B, C, D, E, EIC, F, R, SE, 2106, 2119, 2441, 3903, 4137, 4562, 6251, 8606, 615, 8829 plus worksheets. Printouts IR
STOCKTA.ZIP191525Jun 28 1993Technical Stock analyst, graph stocks and evaluate them with technical indicators, easy to use with Moving averages, OBV, RSI etc. Sample stocks included for testing. Easy menuing system. ShareWare TechSoft inc.
STOKTR.ZIP313084Jul 1 1990Stoktrax Version 3.10 - stock tracking program.
TAKEHO36.ZIP152942Nov 30 1989Take Home calculates take home pay. It will determine a quick "what-if" scenario when changing withholding exemptions.
TAX92.ZIP268443Sep 4 1992Shareware Tax helps you complete your 1992 Federal Tax form. Nicely done with lots of features.
TAX92103.ZIP356022Jan 22 1993TAX92 v.1.03S. Latest update of TAX92, personal income tax program.
TAXCK20.ZIP63726Jun 6 1994Check to see if you owe taxes for 1994.
TEKSTK.ZIP93174Sep 5 1988TekStock produces high resolution stock price charts that can be displayed on the screen. It produces charts showing daily highs, lows and closings with volume activity.
TMON3_12.ZIP142988Jul 29 1992Tmoney - a pretty good collection of financial utilities - does loans, savings, retirement and more.
TOM-1.ZIP460556Feb 24 1992Outstanding, complete office/business financial management software for Windows 3.X.
TOM-2.ZIP222917Feb 21 1992Financial manager fro Windows 3.X. Disk 2 of 2. (See also TOM-1.ZIP).
TREEB.ZIP309526Oct 1 1992A cross between a checkbook program and a spreadsheet.
TRKIT300.ZIP342230Jan 1 1993Excellent small business accounting system. Handles Invoicing, inventory, purchasing, A/R, A/P, reports, contacts, vendors.
TTPATCH.ZIP383058Feb 21 1994Patch for Turbo Tax for Dos to correct for returns using a depreciation deduction. DL'd from Quicken BB.
WALLST71.ZIP340043Aug 1 1994Wall Street will track your investments in the stock & bond markets. Each time you buy & sell a security you will be able to quickly & easily store the details of the transaction.
WBANK23.ZIP131270Jan 1 1994BankExpert for Windows v2.23 - Home accounting program.
WBD31.ZIP83603May 17 1993WINBOND V3.1 is a Windows application to track and valuate Series EE bonds. Provides import capabilities to convert from other files, multiple bond files capabilities, up-to-date bond redemption, etc.
WFINANCE.ZIP68896Dec 31 1991Win Finance - financial calculator for Windows.
WINLOAN.ZIP19502Sep 6 1992Windows 3.0 loan payment and amortization calculator.
WINPROF.ZIP18935Sep 6 1992A Windows 3.x program that performs basic profit analysis calculations.
WLOANPRO.ZIP25107Apr 23 1993Very nice Windows 3.1 loan amortization program. Even does variable rate loans.
WYSAR100.ZIP151421Jul 16 1989This accounts receivable program is based on a very simple concept, What You See in the data record windows is what you will get in your statements and reports.
YB12.ZIP31423Feb 24 1992Yieldbook -- Calculate bond yields, yield-to-maturity and yield-to-call.
ZILCH111.ZIP117590Mar 29 1992Zilch V.1.11 - Debt liquadation program designed to save money. Program provides you with a plan of paying off your debts.