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A QubeCalc spreadsheet that will help complete the 1990 DC Tax forms.
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A QubeCalc spreadsheet that will help complete the 1990 DC Tax forms.
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Contents of the DCTAX90.DOC file

D.C. Tax 1990 is a spreadsheet tax preparation to use with QubeCalc. It
will do all calculatios for you. I will be adding schedules and other
reports at a later date. As I progress, I will be posting the udate on
BBSes in the area. After I complete the spreadsheet version, I plan to
develop a complete stand-a-long public domain version of a tax program
compatible to the commercial versions on the market. Your support in
offering constructive criticism and comments will be welcomingly

I have not written complete document for the program, but people who are
familiar with using spreadshets shouldn't have any problems.

In the near future, I will write complete documentation for the program.
However, I am interested in hearing from person who may use it or test
it so that I might improve the program and make it more useful. Let me
know what you think:


1. Load the spreadshet into Qubecalc V.30
2. Strike the PageUp key twice to reach page 3. Fill out the W2
replica. Each job should be listed on a differnt line.

If you are using the spreadsheat for a combined return, fill out
both W2's. There is one for the taxpayer's spouse below the first

3. Return to Page 2 (PageDn) of the D-40 when you have completed the W2's. Add
any additional amounts to page two of the spreadsheet. Try not to
overwrite any of the calculated fields.

4. Return to Pae 1 (PageDn) and most of the tax information have been
filled in, including the tax calculations. Add any amounts that may
apply to your situation.

You won't be able to file the printed copy to the IRS, but it will serve
as a guide for you to compy the figures to the original D-40.

If you have any comments, you can call my BBS, (301) 699-5299 between
the hours of 12 Midnite and 5 p.m. weekdays. Or you can write:

Bobby B. Lee
2403 Arundel Road #3
Mt. Pleasant MD 20712

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