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Excel 3.0 personal invoicing macro demo.
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Excel 3.0 personal invoicing macro demo.
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IAR.XLS 9247 3280 deflated
ICLNTDB.XLS 3132 1259 deflated
ICLOSE.XLM 7179 4696 deflated
IENVPRT.XLS 1840 767 deflated
IHELLO 1665 1221 deflated
IHELP.XLS 35916 19874 deflated
IMSTRINV.XLS 10343 3958 deflated
IORDER.TXT 1308 585 deflated
ISTART.XLM 83371 27942 deflated
README.1ST 1497 711 deflated
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Contents of the README.1ST file


If you have tried a previous demo version of INVOICER (now called
Personal Invoicer), and have customized the format of your invoice
file (IMSTRINV.XLS), please note that due to the features which have
been added to the package, the new invoice file IMSTRINV.XLS supplied
in this demo should be used with this package.

Please note any formatting changes you've made to the previous invoice
file, and apply them to the new one supplied with this package. Sorry
for any inconvenience this might cause.

Your old client database (ICLNTDB.XLS) and receivables database
(IAR.XLS) will continue to work with this package. BE SURE you don't
overwrite them with the blank versions supplied in this package.

Changes in version 1.2 (07/12/91):

-Added the ability to print a formatted report of Accounts Receivable and
Client Activity.

-Added shortcut keys to the invoice (and changed the buttons' appearance)
for those who don't like mice.

-Added the ability to exit from EXCEL after program closes.

-Added HP New Wave compatibility.

-Added the ability to change the sales tax rate.

-Changed the program's name from INVOICER to Personal Invoicer.

-Minor bug fixes/speed enhancements.

Changes in version 1.1 (06/30/91):

-Added Account Status information to the invoice

-Changed Total column so it's calculated as the product of the Item
Count and Unit Price fields.

-Minor bug fixes

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