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Balances your checkbook.
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Balances your checkbook.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Thank you for ordering the CHECK PROCESSOR. We hope you find
the program to be of value in keeping track of your checking,
savings, and credit card accounts.

CHECK PROCESSOR is distributed by Newline Software as a
promotional item along with demonstrations of other software
products available for purchase from Newline Software. Since we
only charge enough to cover our expenses in distributing CHECK
PROCESSOR, Newline Software is not able to provide any support
for this program. CHECK PROCESSOR is delivered to you AS IS.
We do, of course, provide complete support for any of the
programs we sell.

If the programs do not run at all, it may be that you have the
wrong format. Check the label to be sure that you have the
correct format for your computer. CHECK PROCESSOR is available
for the IBM-PC and 100% clones (such as the Zenith Z-150 and
AT&T 6300), and for the Zenith Z-100 series. If you have the
wrong format or if the disk is defective, return the disk to
Newline Software for replacement.

By special arrangement with the author of CHECK PROCESSOR, you
can get answers to questions, report any bugs you may find,
suggest improvements, and receive notification of new or
enhanced releases of CHECK PROCESSOR. The fee for this service
is very small, only $5.00. Send $5.00 to:

Bill Langlais
162 Orchard Street
Byfield, MA 01922

to register your copy of CHECK PROCESSOR. He will provide you
with a phone number to call for support and he will send you
notification of new releases.

You are also encouraged to make copies of both the CHECK
PROCESSOR and Newline Software DEMO DISK and pass them along to
friends. In fairness to us, please copy all the files from both
disks when you pass them along. This insures that everyone gets
a complete package and an opportunity to use the programs and
demos and a chance to register for support and new releases. You
are also encouraged to place the files on bulletin boards and
networks, again making sure that you copy ALL the files.

If you need more information about the products sold by Newline
Software, you can write for a free catalog at:

Newline Software
P.O. Box 289
Tiverton, RI 02878

or call (401)624-3322.


The complete documentation for CHECK PROCESSOR is contained in
the file CHKPRO.DOC on this disk. Use the MS-DOS PRINT utility
to print it out. The command:


will also work to print it out if your system is properly
configured. You could also use a word-processor or text editor
that can read standard ASCII text files to load and print the

To view the documentation on the screen use the MS-DOS TYPE
command. Refer to the MS-DOS documentation that came with your
system for more details on PRINT and TYPE, or the appropriate
documentation for your editor.

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