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CheckMate is a full-featured, interactive home financial program.
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CheckMate is a full-featured, interactive home financial program.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

-- The Association of Shareware Professionals

Custom Technologies is a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals
(ASP). The ASP is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of

The ASP is made up of professional shareware authors nationwide, and is
dedicated to furthering the concept of shareware as an alternative to
commercial software. The authors share a code of ethics and have agreed to
comply with standards of quality, documentation, and support set by the ASP.

Look for the ASP name and symbol for an assurance of high-quality, well-
supported shareware.

-- On-Line Support

On-Line support for all Custom Technologies' products is now available on
CompuServe! We are sub-topic 7 in the PC Vender forum. Type GO PCVEN at
any CompuServe prompt.

All of our shareware products are available for downloading from this forum.

Revision History

-- V1.02 to V1.03

25 Oct 86

Two specific bugs have been fixed. First, checks may now be
printed in any selected pitch (version 1.02 was "stuck" in elite)
and second, a rare problem with date indexing was corrected. If
you notice any transactions out of date sequence, you should
REBUILD the data files using the REBUILD feature of version 1.03
(the REBUILD feature of 1.02 is not robust enough to correct the

New features include a more robust REBUILDing algorithm that
maximizes recovery of data in the event of system crashes or
"odd" circumstances, calculation and reporting of totals after
transaction reports, and date "memory" during transaction entry.
This means that CheckMate will default to the last date entered
instead of the DOS date while entering transactions. We have
also improved the searching algorithms (resulting in greater

-- V1.03 to V1.04

1 Nov 86

Three corrections have been made to version 1.03. First, the MATCH
criteria has been corrected so that transactions on the ENDING DATE
are included in the reports. Second, the REBUILDING algorithm has
been adjusted to correct the account balance following corruption to
the data file itself. Finally, a DOS file-handle error was fixed so
that changes made to the data files immediately after a REBUILD are
not lost.

-- V1.04 to V1.05

26 Mar 87

You may now print Long Reports on all 8 accounts, as an error in
maintaining DOS file handles has been corrected.

A small bug in the "search" routine has been corrected (could cause
CheckMate to lock-up in a search loop).

The object code is smaller and faster.

An "Expensed" flag field has been added to the transactions as an
interface to CheckMate-GL, our new multiple-entry general ledger
package for home and small business. This flag may not be documented
in your user's guide, but is discussed in the CheckMate-GL User's Guide.
If you are not using CheckMate-GL, this flag is of no consequence to

-- V1.05 to V1.05A

30 Dec 87

A small change to allow by-passing of the opening screen. Simply invoke
CheckMate with the "/S" option on the command line. That is:


will run CheckMate without displaying the opening screen.

-- V1.05A to V1.05B

23 Jan 88

Modified right margin (condensed print) from 134 to 131 characters to
allow proper line spacing on some printers. Also, a bug in the LONG
(when writing to the printer) report format has been fixed.

-- V1.05B to V1.10

26 Apr 88

CheckMate will now support the use of window envelopes as it can now
print addresses on your checks. This feature is optional per account
and you specify your choice in the ENTER or EDIT ACCOUNTS module.

We've added mouse support! If you have a Microsoft or Mouse Systems
compatible mouse, CheckMate will recognize it as an input device.
(NOTE: You must load your mouse driver first). The left button acts
as the key, and the right button as the key.

The RECONCILE account module has been modified to allow quick fixes
of incorrectly entered amounts. Press while reconciling to
immediately alter a transaction amount.

We've added a few additional print variables for the checks, including
the ability to print left-justified *'s in numerical amounts. We've
also added additional text strings to assist in printing check stubs.

-- V1.10 to V1.60

27 Jun 88

No substantial changes to the program. We released this version as 1.60 to
standardize our version numbering (across all our products) and to update our
address and phone numbers (as we have relocated to Colorado Springs, CO).

-- V1.60 to V1.70

11 Jul 88

One problem was fixed. DOS 2.X (and some generic versions of DOS 3.X) do not
initialize the MOUSE INTERRUPT (int 51). When CheckMate called this interrupt
to check for the mouse, the computer would hang. Version 1.70 first confirms
the validity of the interrupt before actually calling it.

-- V1.70 to V1.70A

28 Jul 88

No changes to the program. We had to change our phone number for technical
support (our local phone company changed cable routing). Version 1.70A
reflects the new number on-screen and in the documentation. Our new number
is (719) 282-0402.

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