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Estimate your taxes. Very helpful.
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Estimate your taxes. Very helpful.
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Contents of the ESTTAX.DOC file

1988 Federal Income Tax Estimater
(Version 1.0)

With the end of 1988 just a few short months away, NYTEX Software
offers you a 1988 Federal Income Tax Estimater (ESTTAX). ESTTAX can be
used to make a 'rough guess' at the amount of taxes that will be due in
April 1989. Since data input is made for the estimated amount of taxes
with-held, you can approximate the amount of your under payment, or

ESTTAX is quick and simple. Simply type ESTTAX at the DOS prompt. The
program then displays the title, copyright and disclaimer screen.

Next enter your anticipated filing status: Single or Married. (NOTE:
For most rules, unless you intend to file 'Married Jointly', select
filing as 'Single'.)

All input should be entered as year-end 1988 projections. This
includes income elements, IRA contributions, deductible expenses, and
with-holding amounts. As a precaution, we remind you of this before
you enter your data.

ESTTAX takes into consideration the major elements affecting your tax
liability. However, credits to taxes, such as child care, are not
included. The program is not designed for preparing your taxes, but
rather, estimating any your current with-holding strategy.

ESTTAX is offered as ShareWare. This is to say, that all rights are
reserved by NYTEX Software. Further, it is understood that the program
remains the property of NYTEX Software, and is licensed, only, to the
user. If you like ESTTAX, and would like to support the ShareWare
concept, we ask that you remit a licensing fee of $7.50 in check or
money-order to:
NYTEX Software
6902 Brookport 1542 W. Bloomfield
San Antonio, TX 78238 Honeoye Falls, NY 14472

NYTEX Software would like to acknowledge the Internal Revenue Service--
Without which this program would not be necessary. ESTTAX is for use
in estimating Federal Income Tax liability, and NYTEX Software makes no
warranties for the use of the program, for any purpose. NYTEX Software
is not affiliated with any agent or company in the business of
preparing tax returns. The program is licensed (upon receipt of the
licensing fee) on an 'As Is' basis only.

NYTEX Software would like to take this opportunity to advise you of our
other programs, also uploaded to CompuServe:

CHECKS.ARC (IBMSW DL5) Comprehensive checkbook management program.
Supports multiple bank accounts, unlimited
user defined expense accounts, aging of expenses due, computer
printed checks and budgeting. Complete with detailed

LOANCA.ARC (IBMSW DL5) LOANCAlculator is a simple to use loan
amortization program. Provides monitor
display of the entire amortization schedule, printer output of the
schedule, or monitor display of selected payments within the
schedule. This later version also supports bi-weekly, and semi-
monthly payment schedules.

PROJEC.ARC (IBMSW DL0) Currently in the DL0 library, PROJECT is a
handy, simple to use time management
program. Excellent for use in following-up appointments,
important tasks, meetings, or simply 'Things-To-Do'.

NOTE: Programs in DL0 on the IBMSW Forum, generally reside there for 30
days. Be sure to check for these programs in the other libraries, if
you can't find them in the New Uploads.

NYTEX Software wants to serve you, by providing low-cost, easy to use
programs, for the PC Compatible user. We think we offer functional
programs, and hope you have been satisfied with our efforts, thus far.
If we can be of assistance in your programming needs, or you have
suggestions on how we can improve our programs, or have ideas for
programs you'd like us to consider, please contact us through the IBMSW
Forum, or EMAIL on CompuServe:

74136,26 or 72257,2776

Thanks again for downloading ESTTAX, we hope you'll be happy with the

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