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An attorney's billing manager. Written in dBase.
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An attorney’s billing manager. Written in dBase.
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BACKUP.DBF 2599 665 deflated
CLOSED.DBF 4767 1565 deflated
COLORS.MEM 388 128 deflated
CURRENT.DBF 51986 6625 deflated
DBPRINT.DBF 38110 2124 deflated
EMPTYDBF.ARC 2050 2012 deflated
INHELP.DBF 2764 910 deflated
INHELP.DBT 37407 6105 deflated
INHELP.NTX 5120 895 deflated
JUDY.DBF 98 47 deflated
MAIN.EXE 326474 137998 deflated
README.TXT 1623 700 deflated
REMCAL.DBF 4038 934 deflated
SERVICE.DBF 5765 1054 deflated
TONY.DBF 27609 3054 deflated
TWO.DBF 4174 1605 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Floppy system:

When you start, put the file called "Main.exe" and the file
called "Colors.mem" on one disk and all other files on another disk.
If you are using a 3 1/2" disk, you can put all files on one
disk. However, when you start and the program ask you if you are
using a hard disk, answer "Yes". The same is true if you are using a
1.2m floppy.

Hard disk:

Put all files in the same directory.

When you start the program, it will make additional files.

Before using "Emptydbf.Arc", play with the database files (DBF) that
are not empty and add, edit or print out some examples. The best
example is to add service (time) or expenses on the bills. Use the
look-up tables, the help key etc.

When you are ready to add your own clients, replace the dbf
files with the ones in "Emptydbf.Arc"

It is a file that contains all of the database files that you will
need when you are ready to add you own cliets but which I have
"Zapped". The databases are all empty. Don't erase the files
"Dbprint.dbf" or "Inhelp.*" or "Two.dbf" as these files don't

When you replace the "play" files with the empty ones from
"Emptydbf.Arc", you need to add at least one client, then reindex the
files (on the utility menu) then rebuild the look-up tables (also on
the utility menu).

At any point in the program, Hit F-1 for help and follow directions.

Enjoy it.

Tony Ray

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