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HI, FINANCE! v2.18 . Windows 3.x Financial planning & calculation tool. Iconic, menu, button bar interfaces. Financial calculator, loan calculation & amortization, personal financial planner, investment analysis.

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HI, FINANCE! v2.18 Financial planning
& calculation tool for Windows 3.x. Iconic,
menu, and button bar interfaces. Financial
calculator, loan calculation & amortization,
personal financial planner, investment
analysis, and more. Automatic charts and
tables. New year bug fixes. From Brightridge
Solutions, Inc. Registration $59.

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HI, FINANCE! v2.18 . Windows 3.x Financial planning & calculation tool. Iconic, menu, button bar interfaces. Financial calculator, loan calculation & amortization, personal financial planner, investment analysis.
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CCLIB1.EXE 4879 4721 deflated
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FILE_ID.DIZ 351 238 deflated
FINDLL.DLL 16054 14918 deflated
HIFINANC.EXE 241840 228127 deflated
HIFINANC.HLP 34190 32772 deflated
HIFINANC.TXT 6996 3199 deflated
HIFINANC.WRI 54042 50937 deflated
METER.DLL 15537 5110 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 1109 1029 deflated
RLZRUN10.RTS 255113 241746 deflated
SETUP.EXE 56674 15547 deflated
SETUP.INF 1274 472 deflated
SHADE3D.EXE 2442 2367 deflated
SHAREWRE.TXT 2491 2317 deflated
STANDARD.EXE 11289 10887 deflated
VENDOR.DOC 2027 1023 deflated

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Contents of the HIFINANC.TXT file

HI, FINANCE! version 2.18

Hi, Finance! is a powerful Windows tool for planning personal or
business finances. This version fixes bugs in 2.00-2.17.
HIFINANC.WRI is the full User's Guide. Please examine that
before calling technical support! The file you are now reading
(HIFINANC.TXT) provides a quick overview as well as installation
directions, notices regarding legal use, and vendor information.

Microsoft Windows 3.0 or above. You will get better performance
using Windows 3.1 and a 25 MHz 80386 processor or above with at
least 4MB of RAM. A mouse is highly recommended. You'll need at
least 1MB of free hard disk space. Program features are
accessible through iconic and drop-down menus and bar buttons.

Financial Calculator:
Present Value (Lump Sum or Annuity)
Future Value (Lump Sum or Annuity)
Rate Required (Lump Sum or Annuity)
Payment Amount Required
Number of Payments Required
Effect of Inflation on Buying Power
Automatic Charting provided for most functions

Loan Calculator & Amortization:
Payment Amount (Charting provided)
Rate Required
Number of Payments Required
Loan Principal supported

Investment Analysis:
Net Present Value
Internal Rate of Return
Profitability Index
Payback Ratio

Random Number Generator

Personal Financial Planning:
Investment Projections
Retirement Goals
Death Protection Goals (Life Insurance)
Educational Goals
Other Goals
Automatic Charting provided for each section

Business Assistant:
Gross Price Margin
Sales Tax
Cost-Volume-Profit (Breakeven) Analysis -- with charting
Economic Order Quantity

In addition to written documentation (printed copy provided to
registered users), there is online context-sensitive help
(Press F1/Help). Note: in this version, yearly amortization
summaries are prepared only if payment periods are monthly. A
fix is planned.

I. If you downloaded Hi, Finance! in compressed form:

1. Copy the files ("HIFI2A.XXX" and "HIFI2B.XXX" or
("HIFI218A.XXX" and "HIFI218B.XXX" --"XXX" may
represent EXE, ZIP, or other extensions) into a
temporary directory.

2. If the files have an ".EXE" file extension, they should
be self-extracting: type the file name to decompress.

File sets with "ZIP" extensions require the use of
PKUNZIP or compatible decompression utilities. These
should be available on the BBS where you downloaded
Hi, Finance! Make sure you unzip all the files to the
same temporary directory (which can be deleted after
installation is complete.)

3. Run Windows. There are several ways to start Setup. From
Program Manager, select "File" and then "Run". This
should pop up a dialog box. In the entry box, type
":setup.exe", where is the directory where the
Hi, Finance! files are located.

For example:c:\temp\setup.exe

From the File Manager, you may use an similar process,
although you may skip the path information ("c:\temp\")
if you're already in that directory. The easiest way is
to use "File" "Open" on the setup.exe file using the
graphical directory management of File Manager, or simply
double-click on "setup.exe".

4. The installation program will propose C:\HIFINANC as the
default directory. You may change the drive and
directory. Setup will also create a subdirectory off
the main Windows directory in which it will place
runtime files. This location should not be changed!
Follow screen prompts.

5. The program will create a Program Manager group and place
icons for Hi, Finance! and related files in it.

6. You may now start Hi, Finance! by double-clicking on its
icon or by selecting HIFINANC.EXE in File Manager.

II. If you received Hi, Finance! on 360K diskettes (2) or a
1.2MB or 720KB diskette:

1. Place Diskette 1 in the appropriate floppy drive.

2. Proceed with installation as outlined in steps 3-6 in
part I, changing diskettes if prompted.

III. Manual installation:

1. The following files are distributed by Brightridge
Solutions, Inc. in compressed form: "HIFINANC.EXE",
"CCLIB1.EXE", and "STANDARD.EXE". If you need to extract
these files outside of the supplied setup utility, use
the "EXPAND.EXE" program supplied with Microsoft Windows
3.0 and 3.1, using this syntax:

EXPAND source destination

2. The application's executable file, HIFINANC.EXE, may be
installed anywhere accessible to Windows. Install
FINDLL.DLL in the same directory.

3. The runtime files, RLZRUN10.RTS, STANDARD.EXE, CCLIB1.EXE,
and SHADE3D.EXE should be in the \RLZRUN10 subdirectory
off the main Windows subdirectory.

4. To use online help, HIFINANC.HLP should be copied to the
same directory as HIFINANC.EXE or the Windows directory.

5. Other files included in the package are not (absolutely)
necessary to the operation of Hi, Finance!:

a. HIFINANC.TXT -- This file. Keep it!

b. HIFINANC.WRI -- Hi, Finance! User's Guide, in
Windows Write (.WRI) format. If you're a registered
user, you have this in printed form.

c. Sample files (EXAMPLE1.*).

d. SHAREWRE.TXT -- explains the shareware concept.

e. VENDOR.DOC -- Addressed to disk vendors, BBS
Sysops, and distributors. Explains distribution
policies permitted under license.

f. REGISTER.TXT -- Registration form. You may print
this ASCII file, fill it out, and send it with
your registration fee, or you may wish to use the
form included in the program.


Hi, Finance! is shareware. It is copyrighted software that may
be used only in compliance with the license. You are permitted
to "try before you buy" and make copies for others FOR EVALUATION
PURPOSES ONLY. If you continue to use the program, you must
register (pay for) it. The author is a member of the Association
of Shareware Professionals (ASP). A further explanation of
shareware and the ASP is provided in the SHAREWRE.TXT file.


ANYONE who copies, "sells", or distributes this software for
profit MUST read the VENDOR.DOC file and comply with its license
provisions. Failure to do so is copyright infringement. ASP
Vendors and Sysops (with the exception of racks and CD-ROM's)
are automatically licensed to distribute Hi, Finance! Others
must obtain permission.

Brightridge Solutions, Inc.ORDER LINE (800) 241-7203
1534 Brightridge DriveInquiries (615) 246-3337
Kingsport, TN 37664FAX (615) 246-6385
CompuServe 74676,235
CompuServe Registration:GENIE R.HOOVER5
GO SWREG (ID#198)WIX[BIX] rhoover

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