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Check to see if you owe taxes for 1994.

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TAX CHECK For 1994 Version 2.0

DOS program gives you FAST and RELIABLE
estimates of your 1994 federal tax now,
while there's still time to make changes.
Easy to follow tax instructions and tips.
Color or mono option. No graphics needed.
V2.0 has pop-up calculator. Soft Breeze.

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File TAXCK20.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Check to see if you owe taxes for 1994.
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FILE_ID.DIZ 485 306 deflated
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Contents of the READ1ST.DOC file

TAX CHECK For 1994 Version 2.0
Copyright (c) 1993, 1994 by Soft Breeze
All Rights Reserved

Quick Start Guide (page 2 from the manual TAXCHECK.DOC)

Distribution Archive Files

You'll find the most current version of TAX CHECK on the Phoenix
Bulletin Board as a ZIP file. It must be un-zipped using the PKUNZIP
program. Some businesses that sell shareware distribute TAX CHECK in a
different form than I do. I have no control over what is done to the
program after I put it on the bulletin board. If you are reading this
file, it has already been removed from the ZIP archive file. Shareware
resellers: do not change the TAX CHECK archive!

I distribute this version of TAX CHECK as TAXCK20.ZIP which contains all
the files listed below (the programs and DOC files). The files that
comprise TAX CHECK 1994 Version 2.0 are:

CALC.COM Calculator Utility
FILE_ID.DIZ File Information
READ1ST.DOC This Quick Start Guide
REGISTER.TXT Registration Form

If you did not get the program as TAXCK20.ZIP, contact whoever gave you
the program to find out what changes they have made.

Installing TAX CHECK

If you are familiar with DOS, you may install TAX CHECK any number of
ways. Here is one way to install the program:

1. Make a directory for TAX CHECK (e.g. type: MD\TAXCHECK).
2. Copy TAXCK20.ZIP to this directory
(e.g. type: COPY TAXCK20.ZIP \TAXCHECK).
3. Change to the directory (e.g. type: CD\TAXCHECK).
4. Unzip the archive (e.g. type: PKUNZIP TAXCK20).


To run TAX CHECK from the DOS prompt, simply type: TAXCHECK. If you
receive a DOS "BAD COMMAND" message, check to see that you are in the
right directory and that TAXCHECK.EXE is listed in that directory.

For a monochrome display, type: TAXCHECK /M. This option tells TAX
CHECK to choose black and white color schemes. (The other command
options available are /H or /? for a help message.)

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