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Additional files for As-Easy-As spreadsheet.
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Additional files for As-Easy-As spreadsheet.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COLWIDTH.DOC 3394 954 deflated
COLWIDTH.EXE 8144 5561 deflated
GRAF3D.DOC 5211 1339 deflated
GRAF3D.EXE 34480 16657 deflated
GRAF3D.WKS 8389 2134 deflated
INSURE.WKS 2332 849 deflated
LEASE.WKS 2808 1096 deflated
NFONT.FNT 2528 1478 deflated
README.DOC 1207 588 deflated
TEMPLATE.DOC 10378 2849 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

AS-EASY-AS Registered User Bonus Disk
(C) Copyright 1991, TRIUS, Inc.

As an expression of our thanks for the users of AS-EASY-AS, we are
making the tools assembled in this file available to you as a
BONUS, free of charge.

These powerful tools include:

GRAF3D.EXE - A powerful 3-D graphing Addin program
NFONT.FNT - Stroked font file used by GRAF3D.EXE
COLWIDTH.EXE - Addin to set width of multiple columns at once
INSURE.WKS - Template to aid in selecting types of life insurance
LEASE.WKS - Template to help decide on leasing or purchasing

Information on how to use these programs is contained in three
files, GRAF3D.DOC, COLWIDTH.DOC and TEMPLATE.DOC. You may view
the contents of these documentation files in your screen using the


or, you may print them on your printer using the command:


Thank you for using AS-EASY-AS and supporting the shareware

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