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Calculate 10 of the most common key business ratios.
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Calculate 10 of the most common key business ratios.
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Version: 1.0

A Business Planning Tool for Small Business Owners


Thomas J. Carnegie
14350 Chadbourne Drive
Houston, Texas 77079

Copyright (c) 1989 Thomas J. Carnegie
All Rights Reserved

KeyRatio Page 1

KeyRatio - Version 1.0

"KeyRatio" is the copyrighted property of Thomas J. Carnegie
and is being provided as "Shareware".

You are hereby granted a limited licence to use, copy and
distribute "BreakEven" to others as long as the following
conditions are met:

(1) This product must not be sold, or any fee charged for
copying and distribution, beyond your actual cost of
copying media.

(2) This product may only be distributed in its original,
unmodified state.

(3) This file (KR.DOC) must be included along with KR.EXE in
any copies that you may distribute to others.

(4) Permission is granted to upload this product any BBS
only in its original archived form as KR.ARC which
includes this documentation.

(4) This product may not be distributed as a part of any
commercial product or service without the prior written
consent of the owner.

As long as you are prepared to adhere to the conditions
listed above, you are encouraged to copy and distribute
"KeyRatio" to your friends and others.


"Shareware" (also referred to as User Supported Software) is
a distribution method used to provide the public with useful
software at a very low cost.

It involves a low cost distribution method for the author and
a low purchase price for the user. It also allows a user the
opportunity to try out the software and see if it meets their
needs before they decide to become a registered user. If you
continually use the program beyond the "tryout" stage, you're
not being fair to the author who put years of experience and
many hours of labor into the production of the program. Your
contribution will also encourage the author to improve this
program and develop others.

The registration fee for this program is $10.00. Please see
information regarding registration at the end of this

KeyRatio Page 2

"KeyRatio" - Version 1.0

"KeyRatio" is a simple, straightforward program to calculate
the ten most common Key Business Ratios. The program is
intended to be of help to those who need a quick idea of the
financial ratios of their business.

To Start "KeyRatio" simply type KR


After making a choice of the ratio you wish to calculate from
the main menu screen you'll see a brief description of the
ratio and be asked to input certain pieces of data. All the
data, for all the ratios should be available on your Profit
and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet. In the case of some of
the ratios the input requested will require that you
externally add two or three pieces of data together, before
entering a figure to the program.

All figures should be entered as figures alone with no
commas, dollar signs, percent signs etc. Two decimal points
are OK.

After entering the above data, the ratio will be calculated
and appear at the bottom of the screen. Pressing any key
will return you to the main menu where you can choose another
ratio or EXIT from the program.amount of the monthly payment

"KeyRatio" is intended to be a quick, simple program for you
to use to find the most common Key Business Ratios for your

The program calculates figures based on your input and
automatically displays the ratio for you.

"KeyRatio" is not in any way intended to replace basic, sound
generallly accepted financial management practices. It is
simply intended as a means to quickly determine a variety of
standard accepted Key Business Ratios for you with minimum
input and effort on your part.


While we have made every effort to make "KeyRatio" as simple
to use and as accurate as possible, no warranty or guarantee
is offered with the program, either expressed or implied. We
further disclaim any responsibility for claim for damages,
either incidental or consequential, in connection with or
arising out of the use of the program or any documentation
contained with the program.

KeyRatio Page 3


We sincerely believe that "KeyRatio" can be a most useful
management tool for the existing or aspiring small business
owner who wants to quickly calculate the monthly payment and
look at an amortization table for a business or other loan.


If after trying out "KeyRatio", you feel you would like to
become a registered user, please fill out the following form
and send along with your check for $10.00, (Texas residents,
please add $0.80 for Sales Tax) to:

Thomas J. Carnegie
14350 Chadbourne Drive
Houston, Texas 77079

At the same time, we would be interested in receiving any
comments or suggestions you may have regarding the program,
or any improvements you can suggest that might make the
program more worthwhile to you. Even if you don't register,
we would still appreciate your comments and suggestions.

You may also send your comments and suggestions to us by way of
CompuServe E-Mail. Our User ID# is [70267,2126].

In any case, I sincerely hope that you find "KeyRatio" to be
a useful program that will help you in your small business
management or in developing plans to set up your own new
small business.

Tom Carnegie



"KeyRatio" - Version: 1.0

Registration for "KeyRatio" is $10.00 (Texas residents add $0.80 for
State sales tax).

If you care to receive a copy of the latest version of "KeyRatio" or
even a copy of this version without the long running closing screen,
please send us a formatted floppy disc, along with your registration
fee, and we'll make you a copy and return it to you postpaid.

Please Complete the following:


Last Name:_________________________ First Name:______________________

Company (if any):_____________________________________________________


City:_____________________________ State:______________ Zip:__________


Where did you receive this program?___________________________________

Any comments or suggestions for improvement:__________________________





Please mail the above together with your check to:

Thomas J. Carnegie
14350 Chadbourne Drive
Houston, Texas 77079

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