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Amortizer for Windows V2.5. Very nicely done.
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Amortizer for Windows V2.5. Very nicely done.
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Contents of the AMORTW.TXT file

Version 2.5

The Multi-faceted Amortizing Program
Copyright 1992, Don Norman
All Rights Reserved

Master Amortizer is a powerful amortization program with
a number of useful functions. In addition to calculating
payments, it can create a comparative table of payments
and, of course, a variable amortization schedule with any
start date and any year end. In its present form, Master
Amortizer is a shareware product. For use beyond 30 days
or you want the latest update, please register as described
on the last page of this documentation. A registered copy
has no nag box.


Copy AMORTW.EXE and AMORTW.HLP into the directory you intend
to use. AMORTW.INI saves certain variable data so you won't
have to reload it. It is preloaded with defaults. It should
be copied to the Windows directory. SPIN.DLL, BWCC.DLL and
WORKLIB2.DLL should be copied to either the Windows directory
or the Windows system directory.


AMORTW.HLP was created using WinHelp 3.10, the current release
of WinHelp. WinHelp 3.0 that came with Windows 3.0 will not
read the file. The distribution file that is sent with your
registration contains WinHelp 3.10 and will read previous
version files.


AMORTW.EXE allows you to create amortization and payment
comparison windows(MDI). You can change all the data elements
that affect the calculations as well as options that affect
the appearance of the amortization. The Windows Help file
includes context sensitive help, so you should have no problem
following the flow.


Enhancements since the original release include:
spreadsheet file export, PC Status, additional help,
odd-month loans, a command bar, multiple printer
selection and support, remaining balance and extra
payment calculations, and multiple payments frequencies.

Future enhancements will include :

- Any suggested enhancements that merit consideration


A limited license is granted to copy and distribute
Master Amortizer only for the trial use of others,
subject to the following:

- Master Amortizer must be copied in unmodified form,
complete with all the files that accompanied it.

- Master Amortizer may not be distributed in conjunction
with any other product with out a specific license to
do so from Audit Planning Services.

- No fee, charge, or other compensation may be requested or
accepted, except as authorized below:

Operators of electronic bulletin board systems (sysops)
may make Master Amortizer available for downloading only
as long as the above conditions are met. An overall or
time-dependent charge for the use of the bulletin board
system is permitted as long as there is not a specific
charge for the download of Master Amortizer.

Vendors of user-supported or shareware software may
distribute Master Amortizer, subject to the above
conditions, without specific permission. Vendors may
charge a disk duplication and handling fee, which, when
pro-rated to the Master Amortizer product, may not
exceed three dollars.

Non-profit user groups may distribute Master Amortizer,
subject to the above conditions, without specific permission.
Non-profit user groups may charge a disk duplication fee,
which, when pro-rated to the Command Post product, may not
exceed three dollars.

I can be contacted on Compuserve at 72617,2620 for
comments or suggestions.

To register and receive the latest release, send
your name address and disk size along with $21.95 to:

Don Norman
c/o Audit Planning Services
9411 Sandstone
Houston, TX 77036

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.
BWCC.DLL is a copyrighted work of Borland International

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