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Mizer Version 2.51 is a compete home and small office budget manager. Also includes a reminder utility, full documentation, and other nice functions.
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Mizer Version 2.51 is a compete home and small office budget manager. Also includes a reminder utility, full documentation, and other nice functions.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


Bruce Nagel
CompuServe 73737,3662

Title Page

Introduction--------------------------------- 1

PC (CPU) Requirements------------------------ 1

Program Features and Capabilities------------ 2

Support and Registration--------------------- 3

Errors--------------------------------------- 3

Hot Keys for Automatic Execution------------- 4

Setup Instructions--------------------------- 5/6/7

Menu Selections------------------------------ 8

Future Enhancements and Known Problems------- 9/10

File Descriptions---------------------------- 11

Printing Checks------------------------------ 12/13

Archiving Accounts and Data------------------ 14

Registration Form---------------------------- 15

After reading through this document I suggest you follow
the Setup Instructions then perform the MoneyMizer TUTORIAL.

The file is Tutor.txt. Print the file and follow the instructions.

(c) Copyright 1989 Bruce A. Nagel All Rights Reserved

================================[ Page 1 ]==================================


The MoneyMizer (mm.exe) and supporting programs is a personal
accounting (checking, savings and charge) package.

The program incorporates context sensitive help to guide you through
using the program.

I am a firm believer in learning a program by using it.
Select ALT-H or ALT-F1 to get help on a selection.

When the program is run for the first time a group of New User
screens will be displayed. After creating an account these
information screens will not be displayed.

I suggest you take the time to study these screens carefully. Then
select the main menu "new user info" and browse through these screens.

All information and help screens can be printed by pressing F7 when
the screen is displayed.


Pc (cpu) requirements

IBM PC 8086/80286/80386 or compatible

384 KBytes of Main Memory

CGA/EGA/VGA/Monochrome display
This program does not support Hercules modes.

It is suggested that these programs be run from a HARD DRIVE.
A floppy can be used but performance may be unacceptable.

Serial Printer (com1 com2)
Parallel Printer (lpt1 lpt2)

================================[ Page 2 ]==================================

Program Features and Capabilities

Pop-UP and Pull-Down menus
Menu or HOT-KEY selections
Mouse support: Point and click on menu/field/box selections
Setup utility: Colors, printer, default account, check printing
Change Account directories by a menu or hot-key
All utility files can be used via the DOS path
Print checks from your checkbook (wallet checks)
Easy reconciliation and balancing. Sorted in order of statement
Reconciled and Un-Reconciled (working) accounts
Budget reports, over and under budget indicators
3 types of budget graphs: Line, bar and pie
176 Budget Categories, broken up into major/minor
Monthly Reminders (can be run from autoexec.bat)
Card File Index for names and companies
Print mailing labels from the Card file Index
Parallel and serial printer support (lpt1,lpt2,com1,com2)
Logical transaction deletes (you can restore a transaction)
Physical transaction deletes
Register reports, displaying split budgets and totals
Register reports, sorted by check, budget code, pay to, date
Account notepad
Cash Flow report: Inflow/outflow and budget category (Util,Home).
Records and tracks TAX information
On-Line context sensitive help & menu help
Easy field transaction updates
Re-occurring Payee List for quick and easy transaction input
Monthly Re-OCCURRING bill/deposit allocation to different accounts
Automatic next check number
Easy field editing, forward field/back field or point and click
Multiple account types and names
4 types of sorts on an account
Search function for check, date, paid to, and budget
Utility programs may be run separately (Reminder from autoexec.bat)
9,999 transactions per account
15 accounts per directory, as many directories as needed

================================[ Page 3 ]==================================


Registered users will have priority over non-registered users.
I will support non-registered users while they are evaluating
this package.

Registered users will receive the following:

Phone support, a manual and a newsletter.

The newsletter will inform you of the following.....

Usage notes
Bugs with the program
Feedback from users
Enhancements and upcoming fixes
New program development

To register please fill out the REG.FRM form and send it to me.
You can also register by phone.

Bruce Nagel
1240 Steeple Run
Lawrenceville, GA. 30243
Compuserve 73737,3662
404-962-5697 mon-fri after 7:00pm
sat-sun after 10:00am


Program Errors

If a non-recoverable error occurs you can exit the program by pressing
ALT-X. But before you exit, press ALT-H to give you a more detailed
report on the error that occurred.

Non-recoverable errors can occur because of the following...

1. The PATH is set incorrectly.
2. Config.sys is setup incorrectly.
3. Insufficient system memory.
4. Disk or computer failure.

If you believe a software bug is causing this error then record all
the error information and submit a SPR.FRM (Software Problem Report) or
give me a call.

================================[ Page 4 ]==================================

Hot Keys

One of the nice features of the main program (mm.exe) is the
capability to execute routines from anywhere in the program.

These routines are invoked by HOT-KEYS. There are quite a few of
these and it will take you a while to memorize them.

To display a list of all hot keys, press ALT-K (K for keys).

An example of hot key usage:

- The register is being displayed

- To input a check press ALT-C (C for check)

Add all the information and press F1 to commit the check.
This will record the transaction to the database.

- You decide to go to a different account directory.

Press ALT-G (G for go)

Select the account by positioning on the name and press

================================[ Page 5 ]==================================

Setup instructions

Do: = This is a request to perform a task:
Info: = This is to provide you with additional information. There is
nothing to perform.

- Do: Create a home directory that will reflect the type of package this is.

____ ex. mkdir c:\money

- Do: Unzip the zip files in the home directory that you just created.

____ cd \money
____ c:\pkunzip c:\money\
____ c:\pkunzip c:\money\ ; # = 1,2,3 etc...

Use pathnames appropriate to your directory structure.

- Do: Setup the path in autoexec.bat or in a batch file to execute
the mm.exe for the MoneyMizer home directory

____ path = c:\;c:\money;c:\dos;c:\util etc..

- Do: Edit the file config.sys and set the files and buffers argument.

Note use these numbers as a minimum. You can use larger values if
other programs require this.

____ files = 40
____ buffers = 30

- Do: Setup directories run setck.exe
This will setup the directories that will hold multiple accounts.

select "Setup Account Directories"

Maximum of 15 accounts per directory

This is just an example, you can select any names that
you chose for the directories.

c:\money\check1 ; 3 checking accounts
c:\money\saving ; 5 savings accounts
c:\money\check2 ; 2 business checking accounts
c:\money\charge ; master charge, american express

You can add comments after the semi-colon ";" .
Do not use any slashes "/" in your comments.
Select F2 to verify and create the directories you
have selected.

Select F1 to commit the changes.

================================[ Page 6 ]==================================

Setup Instructions continued...

- Do: From the Setup Main Menu select "Num Lock Key".
If you want the program to turn on the Num Lock key on numeric only
fields then press ENTER.

Info: WARNING! Some computers (xt's) exhibit problems with the arrow keys
and possibly hangs when the program is allowed to toggle the
Num Lock key. If you have problems then press "N" and ENTER.

- Do: Exit the setup program.

- Info: You previously performed setup DIRECTORIES to hold all your accounts.
You can have accounts with the same name but they will be located in
different account DIRECTORIES. This can be confusing. I recommend
that all account names be unique.

While in the MoneyMizer program (MM.exe) you can change directories
by pressing the ALT-G Hot-Key. Select the directory name and press
enter. You will now be in the selected directory. All accounts in
the previous directory will be closed.

- Do: Change Dir to the account directory you wish to work on.

ex. c:
cd \money\check1

- Do: Execute the program mm.exe

ex. If the path is set to the MoneyMizer home directory
than execute the program from any directory by typing mm
or \money\mm.

- Do: Carefully read through the "Welcome new user". These help screens
will stop displaying once you have created the first account for

the directory you are in.

================================[ Page 7 ]==================================

Setup Instructions continued...

- Do: Select the "Utilities" menu option.

- Do: Run the setup program for the second time.
This demonstrates the ability to change setup from the
main program.

1. Change the colors to your liking.
2. Select which printer and port to use.
3. Select which account will be the default account.
4. Add additional account directories. This will be
used as a menu option to change directories.
5. Add printer escape/control codes for check printing.
See pages 10 and 11 for details on printer codes.
- Do: Return back to the main menu and browse through the "Info/New User".

- Info: Whenever you need help on the selected item simply press
ALT-H or ALT-F1.

- Info: The files (account databases) for the following programs
will be updated in the "home directory" UNLESS you make
a copy in the working directory. The database in the working
directory will be updated --NOT-- the one in the home directory.

note.dbt notepad file
remind.dbb Reminder utility file Budget file
card.dbt Card file
setup.dbt Setup file

The file that is being updated will be displayed on or near the
bottom of your screen or window surrounded by brackets.
ex. [ File = c:\mizer\remind.dbb ]

Do: Suggested .BAT file for running the MoneyMizer package.
If you execute MM from a directory that contains no accounts
then you will get the "New User Info" screens. When you create
an account these new user screens will not be displayed.

cd \checks ;Checks will contain your checking accounts
mm ;MoneyMizer main program

I SUGGEST you perform the tutorial (tutor.txt) at this time. This will
help you get acquainted with some of the basic functions.

================================[ Page 8 ]==================================

Menu Selection Information

While running the program, Pop-up and Pull-down menus will be displayed.

You can select menu items by one of the following techniques.

Key pressed Action

Function keys F## Execute the option right away
Mouse position and click Execute the option right away
First character of WORD Position and press enter to execute
UP/DOWN arrow key Position and press enter to execute

1. You can position by the first character in the word. If another
word has the same first character then press that key again to
position on the second selection and third etc. Wrap around will

2. HELP: You can get help on any item by positioning on that item with
the down/up arrow or the first character. Then press the
ALT-H or ALT-F1 key.

================================[ Page 9 ]==================================

Future Enhancements & Fixes

- Global At this time backups are done on the working account
Backups directory. A feature will be added to backup ALL the accounts
in ALL the directories onto one set of diskettes.

- Pull Bar At this time the program uses pop-up menus and a pull bar
Menu: menu for the budget codes.
A master pull-bar menu will be added and the user will have
the option in setup to use the pop-up menus or the pull-bar

- Calculator: Budget splits have a built in calculator, but a pop-up
calculator will be provided in the next version.

- Reminders: Reminders will be increased from a maximum of 15 to a
maximum of 100.

- Form Check Check printing for FORM checks will be provided in
Printing the next version. These checks will be standard and
can be ordered from a printing company.
Printing wallet checks is supported in all versions.

- Stock,
investment: Stock and investment transactions and reports.

TAX split: Function key to calculate sales tax from amount, insert
into tax.dbb and budget.dbb. In setup you can add your
state sales tax (5% 6% etc..).

- ALPHA key
to locate The pull bar menu is the technique in use at this time. An
Budget enhancement will be added to strike an "e" and if
Codes "electricity" is found, then the pull-bar menu will be
opened and the "electricity" selection will be positioned upon.

- NOTEPAD The notepad pages will be extended from 1 to 10 pages.

- ATM ATM'S in the re-OCCURRING payee and the Monthly Accounts
Payee List in the next version.

- CASH Automatic transfers from SAVING to CHECKING and visa versa
of cash will be in the next version. This has to be done
manually at this time.

================================[ Page 10 ]==================================

Future Enhancements & Fixes continued......

payee list A hot-key to automatically add a transaction to the list
update will be added. At this time you must add transactions to
the "monthly accounts". This will in turn add the transaction
to the re-OCCURRING payee list.

payee list You can select this list while in a "transaction mode" at
this time. With the next revision you will be able to
invoke the re-OCCURRING payee list while displaying the

- Automatic When in the reconcile option you will be able to perform
Edit on an automatic edit if the transaction needs to be changed.
Reconcile With this version you must ESC then select EDIT from the
command menu.

- Card File The card file program will support printing of different
Envelopes size envelopes.

- Card File An auto-dialer feature will be added. You must have a modem
Auto-Dialer installed. This feature will ring the phone and allow you
to pick up the receiver for voice communications.

- Card File Have the ability to read in a flat file into the card
Import file file data base.

- Tax Split You will be able to allocate a partial amount for taxes
from a transaction. An example would be your home mortgage
principal and interest payment.

Major At this time minor categories can be graphed. The next version
Budgets will allow you to graph major categories (all util,home,etc)

- MM.EXE Genoa EGA+ when in EGA MODE cause keyboard input problems.
This will be fixed after testing with the card in question.
The only user complaining is sending the card to me for debug.

- Archiving At this time you must manually archive accounts and data
(see page 14). A utility selection will perform this for

The next version of the program will be 3.00. When it is finished
registered users will get their first update for FREE.
After the first update there will be a $5.00 fee.

================================[ Page 11 ]==================================

File Descriptions

File Name Description

budget.exe Budget program, can be run stand-alone Budget program database
card.exe Card File index program, can be run stand-alone
card.dbt Card File database
checkA.txt Type A check. Print me and match to your checkbook check.
to "" "" ""
checkk.txt Type k check. Print me and match to your checkbook check.
mm.exe Main program file , run this first
fsort.exe File sorter program
help.dbb Help and error message data base
help.ix Help index to the .dbb
monthly.dbb Monthly Account (re-OCCURRING trans) data base
note.dbt Notepad database
note.exe Notepad program, can be run stand-alone This file
remind.dbb Reminder database
remind.exe Reminder program, can be run stand-alone
setup.dbt Setup program database
setck.exe Setup program, can be run stand-alone
spr.frm Software Problem Report or Request for Enhancement form
reg.frm Registration Form
tax.dbb Tax account. CREATED when the first tax transaction is
tutor.txt Tutorial for the MoneyMizer program
fixes.txt Fixes included in this version

================================[ Page 12 ]==================================

Printing Checks

Version 2.x supports printing of checks that are removed from
your checkbook.
Version 3.0 (future version) will also support printer check forms.

Instructions for printing checkbook checks:

1. Print the check?.txt templates.

Match your check to one of the check templates.
Template A: checkA.txt
to to
Template J: checkJ.txt

Note: You only need to match up the following fields.

"Date" "Pay To the order of" "$ amount" "Dollars"

The border edges do not have to EXACTLY match up.
If your checkbook check does not match any of the
templates then submit a software problem form (spr.frm).
Include a voided check with the form.

2. Make note of the check type letter A,B etc...

3. Run the setup program and select "Setup Check Printing".

4. Enter the type letter (A-J) in the "Check Type[ ]"
field. You can also change the type while in the mm program.
Changing the check type in mm is only for the current session.

5. Enter the "disable/enable" paper sensor" escape sequence from
your printer manual. Some printers do not have this feature.
If your printer does not have this feature then you will
have to ignore,disable or fake out the paper out sensor.

6. Print out multiple copies of the check template you have
selected. Cut along the border to duplicate a check.
Trim the edges to match your checks.

7. Create a test check in the account register. Practice printing
the check with the cut-out checks. Press function key F8 to
print the check.

Make note and record the positioning of the check to print
the fields properly.

When you can print checks reliably then you can perform
printing of your actual checkbook checks.
When finished with check testing you can ESC out of the
transaction input and the information will not be committed
to the account.

================================[ Page 13 ]==================================

Printing Checks Continued...

Printer escape sequences/printer options:

You have 3 strings you can setup to control how you want
check printing to be done.

The first escape string is labeled "Printer Paper Sensor".
There is also option 1 and option 2 strings.

If you do not have a software controlled paper sensor you
can still use that string to perform other options.

Example: On a NEC P6 printer the following can be performed.

First escape sequence (Printer Paper Sensor):

ON sequence:
D27 (esc) Prefix D = Decimal
AE ("E") Prefix A = Ascii
This will perform "Enhanced Printing"
OFF sequence:
D27 (esc)
AF ("F")
This will cancel "Enhanced Printing"

Second escape sequence (Option Code 1):

ON sequence:
D27 (esc)
AG ("G")
This will perform "Double Striking" for BOLD.

OFF sequence:
AH ("H")
This will cancel "Double Striking".

Third escape sequence (Option Code 2):

ON sequence:
D27 (esc)
A4 ("4")
This will turn on "Italic Printing".

OFF sequence:
A5 ("5")
This will cancel "Italic Printing".

================================[ Page 14 ]==================================

Archiving Data

At the end of the year you should copy the following accounts and
data to diskette for archival storage.

Budget Database

1. Copy all "BUDGET.BB" files to diskette. You can have
multiple budget database files in different account
The default is in the MM home directory.

2. Perform "Start a New Year" from the Budget.exe main
menu. Do this for all account directories that contain
a "" file.

Reconciled Accounts

1. Copy all *.dbr files from ALL account directories to

2. Delete all *.dbr files.
They will automatically get created when you run the
MM program and "BALANCE" the reconciled account.

Tax Account

1. Copy all "TAX.DBB" files to diskette.

The default TAX.DBB is in the MM home directory.

2. Delete the "TAX.DBB" file.

The MoneyMizer program will automatically create the
account next time you run it.

*** This process of archiving accounts and data will be a function
added to the MoneyMizer utilities in version 3.00.

================================[ Page 15 ]==================================

Registration Form

Customer Name:_____________________________________________________

Company Name:______________________________________________________


City:________________________ State:_______________ Zip:_________

Home Phone:__________________ Company/Work Phone___________________


Type of computer:__________________________________________________

Type of Floppy Diskette:___________________________________________

Feedback Comments and Requests:____________________________________




Enclose a check for $25.00 and mail this form to :

Bruce A. Nagel
1240 Steeple Run
Lawrenceville Ga 30243

Within 3 weeks you will receive confirmation of registration,
a manual and newsletter.

The newsletter will inform you of the following.....

Usage notes
Bugs with the program
Feedback from users
Enhancements and upcoming fixes
New program development


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