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Latest version of Excellent Accounts Receivable system.
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Latest version of Excellent Accounts Receivable system.
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Contents of the AR140.DOC file

INVENTORY version 1.40
by Len Thom
15 January 1986

These are a set of programs designed to maintain an Accounts
Receivable and Inventory system for an automotive repair
business. However, it can be useful to allmost any small

These programs will print invoices using pre-printed 9 1/2" X 11"
invoice forms available from Radio Shack.

This set of programs is user supported software. If you like
them and find them to be useful, please feel free to send $25.00
or any other amount to:
Len Thom
12126 - 102 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
T5G 2G9


The set of programs require that they run on drive A: and that a
formatted blank disk exist on drive B:. The second disk will
contain data files. You can in effect maintain separate complete
Acccounts Receivable and Inventory systems by changing data file
diskettes and re-logging the system.

To begin, put the program diskette in the A: drive and at the
prompt type MANINMENU .

Once you have proceeded to the MAIN MENU page, you must
initialize your company name (item 3 on this menu). This will
create a file (on drive B:) containing this information for
retrieval by the program. There is a password prompt, which the
word 'LEN' must be entered to proceed. This is to prevent
uneducated cretins, or anyone else who has not read this
document, from changing this information. When ever a password
prompt is required 'LEN' will allow you to continue.

Next, you may change the number seed to start the number series
for invoicing. If you do not do this, the program will start at
1. This program automatically generates invoice numbers in

To proceed to set up your accounts choose menu item 1 on
MAINMENU. This loads the Accounts Receivable program (AR140.EXE
for ver. 1.40) and prompts you to ask for an Accounts Receivable
file name. Call it what you like, but 200 accounts per file is
all it can handle without making this program extremely slow in
execution. However, when it comes to maintaining posting
records, all files on the same diskette will be kept in one file.

Then begin by adding your accounts to the file(s) you have set
up. For account numbers you may use numbers or letters or both.
This is item 3 on the Accounts Receivable Menu. Correcting
mistakes or making changes can be make using menu item 4.

To begin printing invoices, line up the top of the first invoice
with the paper retainer bar (on Okidata printers) and turn on the
printer. Choose menu item 11 and after that all invoices should
come out lined up.

Both the Sale of Goods (menu item 7) and Workorder Printout (menu
item 8) allow direct posting to the Accounts Receivable file.
Also, direct posting can be done (menu item 5).

If the customer is paying cash simply type "CASH" when prompted
for account number, and the program will post the transaction to
a separate file for cash postings.

Printouts of Accounts Receivable data ( MAIN MENU item 2)
allow for the printout of reports such as account list, aged
trial balance, customer address list and a report of
cheques and credits posted.

At the end of each month, you must close out your accounts and
age them. To do this you must do the following things in this

1. Prepare monthly statements (PRINTOUT menu item 3) for each
Accounts Receivable file, if you wish to send out statements to

2. Prepare Aged Trial Balance report (PRINTOUT menu item 5) for
each Accounts Receivable file.

3. Close out accounts (PRINTOUT menu item 4) for each Accounts
Receivable file.

4. Close out posting report (MAIN MENU item 7).

5. Close out cash report (MAIN MENU item 8).

Now you are ready to start off a new month, with your accounts
aged and your posting and cash reports safely stuffed away in
history files.

Only the Accounts Receivable/Invoicing Menu Items
numbers 7 & 8 require preprinted invoice forms. Everything else
looks good on cheaper plain paper. This program was written in
MBASIC on my Osborne 1 and later converted for use under BASICA.
This version is compiled using the Microsoft QUICKBASIC compiler
so it should run quickly.

This set of programs is based on the Accounts Receivable system
found on pages 47-66 of Charles D. Sternberg's book, Business
Programs for the TRS-80 Model I/III.

The Invoicing System is capable of taking stock out of this
Inventory program.

The Inventory system has no sort function, so if you want data
printed out in a special order, be prepared to enter the data in
that order.


When it comes time to close up shop, return to MAIN MENU and
choose the return to system menu prompt and this will close your
files for you.

If you have a hard disk, drop me a line and I will send you a
copy of this program configured to place all your data on drive
C:. That goes likewise for all you speed deamons running

*The following programs are placed in the public domain and are
not to be sold for profit:


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