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CSC Stock portfolio manager V3.5. Helps track stocks.
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CSC Stock portfolio manager V3.5. Helps track stocks.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

CSCSTOCK version 3.2

*** For a "hard copy" of this file, turn on your printer and type
*** at the DOS prompt and press the enter key.

QUICK START of CSCSTOCK (for those of us who HATE to read the manuals):

1) Be sure your CONFIG.SYS contains a FILES= statement, and that the
value is AT LEAST 20. (CSCSTOCK uses 3 data base files and 7 index files,
thus using 10 file "handles".) If you don't have a FILES= statement in
your CONFIG.SYS, consult the CSCSTOCK.DOC file for more details.

2) Copy CSCSTOCK.EXE to a disk and/or directory in your DOS PATH.
If you are running on a floppy disk based system, put CSCSTOCK.EXE on one
disk and your data files on another.

3) If you want your CSCSTOCK data files to exist in the "default" directory
of C:\CSCSTOCK, type:


and press the enter key.

4) If you don't want to use the C: disk or if you wish to use a different
directory name, type:


where d: is the disk you want to use and \dir is the directory that you
want to use. (Consult the file CSCSTOCK.DOC for more information about
alternative ways of specifying the disk and/or directory.)

5) CSCSTOCK will display the Centurion Software logo, followed by a
notice regarding the license of the program, followed by the Main Menu.

6) The file CSCSTOCK.DOC is a text file with the manual for CSCSTOCK. The
file is formatted for printing on a 80 column printer. Almost any printer
can be used, as long as the printer responds to the control codes of
carriage return, line feed and form feed. To print this manual, type:

copy a:cscstock.doc prn

and press the Enter key at the DOS prompt.

7) If you are in a "tight" memory situation, contact Centurion Software's
BBS at (404) 296-9681 for information about an overlayed version that uses
less memory.

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