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Zilch V.1.11 - Debt liquadation program designed to save money. Program provides you with a plan of paying off your debts.
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Zilch V.1.11 – Debt liquadation program designed to save money. Program provides you with a plan of paying off your debts.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

README.DOC Zilch v1.11

What is Zilch v1.11

Zilch is a debt liguidation program designed to get you out of debt
fast. It provides you with a tool for paying off your debts in the
most efficient manner possible.

Zilch takes a snapshot of your financial situation when you enter the
information about your creditors; Name, APR, Balance and Payment. You
then select the Start Month, Plan and Pledge Money and Zilch does the
rest. Zilch assigns a priority to each creditor, performs its
calculations and provides you with a payment schedule for getting out
of debt. In most instances you can become debt free in half the time
it would normally take.

Zilch is the only product that gives you this expert financial help in
the privacy of your own home. Zilch is easy to use and extremely
flexible. The File Save/Retrieve option allows you to maintain
separate accounts within the same household. This option also lets
you make changes to your financial profile whenever the need arises.
Zilch is confidential, efficient and it works.

Zilch also has an extensive online help facility. Pressing from
anywhere brings up a help screen that pertains to the area you are in.
Zilch also comes with Zinstall, which lets you customize the screen
colors and define your printer.


Zilch is not free. It is copyrighted and fully protected by United
States copyright laws.

Zilch is marketed using the Shareware concept. This allows you to use
the program for a trial period of 30 days. You get the benefit of
evaluating a full working version to see if it meets your needs. If
you decide to keep using this program you are required to purchase a
registered copy of this program from the author.

The concept of shareware allows authors, like myself, to produce
quality software for a very low price. Shareware exists because most
users register their programs with the authors.


The registration fee for this program is $29.95. When you send for
your registered copy please indicate 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" diskette size.
Georgia residents add 6% sales tax. Shipping & Handling is $3.00 for
USA orders and $10.00 for Overseas orders. Foreign orders please send
U.S. dollars. Overnight orders add an additional $10.00. When you
register you receive the following:

Two free upgrades
A printed hardbound manual
Free support by phone or mail
Code that bypasses the introductory screen
Special discounts on future software products

To print the registration form type "copy orderfrm.doc prn" and press
the key. Your screen should look like this:

C:> copy orderfrm.doc prn

If you have any question or comments that might help make this program
better send them to me.
Michael J. Riley
P.O. Box 1874
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405

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