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MD91 v 1.1 (Jan 92) 1991 Maryland resident tax return - for use with TAX91.
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MD91 v 1.1 (Jan 92) 1991 Maryland resident tax return – for use with TAX91.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

MD91 v1.1 27 Jan 92 - Form 502 Maryland Income Tax Return Program - 1991
Copyright (c) 1987-1992 - F. Roland Bjorklund - All Rights Reserved.

MD91 will NOT run unless the TAX91 program has been installed.

Use the INSTALL.BAT command file to install this program to either the hard
disk or a floppy diskette with at least 720K of free storage space. The
command is "INSTALL C" or "INSTALL A" to specify the destination drive.
MD91PAK.EXE is a self extracting compressed file but requires a drive
specification to operate properly. MD91PAK.EXE /xeC: will work if
INSTALL.BAT is not available. A hard disk is highly recommended. Two
directories will be created on the disk: TAX_1991 and TAX_1991\T91_DATA.

The documentation file MD91.DOC is accessible when running the MD91 program.
It is available as an option on the main menu or use CTL-D. The documentation
can be viewed and/or printed from this option.

MD91 is executed from within the TAX91 program by selecting the State menu

Thanks for giving MD91 a try. I welcome suggestions and comments.
F. Roland Bjorklund, P.O. Box 1156, Bryans Road, MD 20616, (301) 645-6819

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