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CheckBook Manager v2.00 tracks checks with English/Spanish switching. Also has "tickler" features.
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CheckBook Manager v2.00 tracks checks with English/Spanish switching. Also has “tickler” features.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHAIN.SIZ 11 11 stored
CHECK.EXE 170224 71320 deflated
CHEKE.AY1 76869 9972 deflated
CHEKE.AYU 71759 9540 deflated
CHEKE.CN1 9108 2092 deflated
CHEKE.CNF 9108 1907 deflated
CHEKE.ENG 2 2 stored
CHEKE.LOG 2192 1054 deflated
CHEKE.MA1 47199 9458 deflated
CHEKE.MAN 41054 7817 deflated
CHEKE.PIC 16391 2914 deflated
CHEKE000.OVL 6464 2634 deflated
CHEKE001.OVL 3792 1522 deflated
CHEKE002.OVL 3760 1489 deflated
CHEKE003.OVL 3760 1500 deflated
CHEKE004.OVL 21856 6962 deflated
CHEKE005.OVL 12192 3788 deflated
CHEKE006.OVL 6112 2434 deflated
CHEKE007.OVL 14816 4966 deflated
CHEKE008.OVL 12112 4012 deflated
CHEKE009.OVL 6640 2590 deflated
CHEKE010.OVL 5616 2210 deflated
CHEKE011.OVL 5856 2260 deflated
CHEKE012.OVL 5936 2312 deflated
CHEKE013.OVL 6656 2628 deflated
CHEKE014.OVL 6080 2439 deflated
CHEKE015.OVL 6288 2493 deflated
CHEKE016.OVL 6400 2550 deflated
CHEKE017.OVL 7184 2879 deflated
CHEKE018.OVL 10592 4061 deflated
CHEKE019.OVL 10064 3829 deflated
CHEKE020.OVL 9632 3557 deflated
CHEKE021.OVL 2080 946 deflated
CHEKE022.OVL 7200 2507 deflated
CHEKE023.OVL 5376 2144 deflated
CHEKE024.OVL 10384 3697 deflated
CHEKE025.OVL 1248 615 deflated
CHEKE026.OVL 720 342 deflated
CHEKE027.OVL 128 91 deflated
FORMATO.DAT 576 172 deflated
ORDER.FRM 1717 567 deflated
READ.ME 8558 3343 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


Electronic banking... automated debits and credits... computerized
bank statements... such is the world we must grasp in order to
control our personal financial position. Not easy - given the number
of complex transactions we must make and record each day. Taxable?
Tax deductible? Average daily balance?... all these questions are a
breeze with the CHECKBOOK MANAGER. This powerful, menu-driven
program will allow you to "get a handle" on personal finances
quickly and view reports and graphs with a few keystrokes.


- User friendly, menu-driven interface with popular pop-up window
selection for each function. A status line appears to clarify the
selected option.

- Up to 128 accounts may be handled and maintained. Have your
family, business, personal or credit card accounts handy for easy
access and review.

- Easy to use, powerful screen editor to add, delete, insert or
reconcile your accounts. Data input becomes enjoyable as results
are seen immediately on screen.

- Extensive and comprehensive report selection allows viewing or
printing from current or historic account information. Impressive
graphs visually show the current status of your accounts.

- Background, window and text colors can easily be customized to
suit preference with the screen color option.

- Pop-up calendar, calculator, appointment scheduler and note pad
are accessed with function keys and can be activated anywhere
within the program.

- On line , context sensitive help is available at all times to
assist the user in proper data input.

- Allows the exportation of account files (current or historic) to
1-2-3 spreadsheet compatible files. These files can then be taken
to your accountant or tax preparer thus saving time and money.


- Intuitive menus and operation assist the user in getting the
program up and running in only minutes.

- Bilingual... easily switch from English to Spanish and vice versa
with a single keystroke. The entire text and operation is
converted - very powerful!

- Helps promote sound financial practices by accurately classifying
income and expenses by categories and groups.

- Prints all reports to hardcopy or disk files .. account reports,
graphic reports, detail reports, average daily balance, statistics
and analysis can be instantly obtained.

- On line note pad allows viewing, editing, or updating of any
report saved to file or disk.


- 100% MS-DOS Compatible. DOS version 3.0 or higher. Requires 512K

- Hard Drive

To install CHECKBOOK MANAGER to your hard drive place your
distribution copy of the program into your drive A: and type the

C: (where c:\ is the drive where you want the program

then type:

MD CHECK (where CHECK is the sub-directory name where you
wish the program to reside)

then type:

CD \CHECK (to make the CHECK sub-directory the current

then type:

COPY A:*.* (to load all files on your distribution disk into
the CHECK sub-directory)

then type:

CHECK to execute the program.

After reading the information contained on the opening screen you
can proceed to the main menu by pressing any key. To print the USERS
MANUAL turn on your printer and choose option 6.5 at the main menu.

If you want to start right now, choose option 1.1. to add your first

If you have received the compressed version of the distribution
program, you will first need to extract the files by typing the
following: CHECKBK

released into "Public Domain". However, CHECKBOOK MANAGER is
user-supported "SHAREWARE". You are hereby granted a license to use
CHECKBOOK MANAGER on a trial basis. This program is a fully working
program - it is not "crippleware". If you find CHECKBOOK MANAGER
useful and desire the added features available in the registered
version, you are asked to follow the process for registration within
the program. To register by mail, print the order form containded
in the file: ORDER.FRM.

- If you are using this program frequently and find it
fast, easy and convenient and would like to have the
ability to handle more accounts (up to 128), you are
encouraged to register.
- The cost of registration is $32.00
- You may register in the following manner:
- Send check or money order to: Ramsal Software, Inc.
(with program name, version, Registration Dept.
serial number and disk i.d.) 1100 N.W. Loop 410 Ste 731
San Antonio, TX, 78213
- For faster service you may charge by phone by selecting
option number (9) on the main menu.
We accept: MasterCard / Visa.



Non-registered users of CHECKBOOK MANAGER are hereby granted a
limited license to use this program on a trial basis for the express
purpose of evaluating the program to determine whether CHECKBOOK
MANAGER is suitable for their needs. The continued use of CHECKBOOK
MANAGER, except for the use outlined above, requires registration.
Non-registered use, except for the limited use above, by any person,
business, corporation, governmental agency, institution or other
entity is strictly forbidden.

All users are hereby granted a license to copy CHECKBOOK MANAGER
only for the trial use of others subject to the limitations above
and the following:

No user may modify CHECKBOOK MANAGER in any way, including but not
limited to, decompiling, disassembling or otherwise changing the
form or format of the program.

CHECKBOOK MANAGER must be copied in it's entirety, complete with
this file containing this license information.

No fee, charge or other compensation may be accepted or requested by
any licensee or license granted herein.

CHECKBOOK MANAGER may not be distributed in conjunction with any
other product or hardware. Anyone that desires to package, sell at
retail or distribute this program is requested to contact RAMSAL


In order to fully support the "SHAREWARE" and user-supported concept
in keeping check on rising software prices you are encouraged to
upload this program to your favorite BBS. You are also encouraged to
copy this program and pass along to friends and relatives. However,
registration is also strongly encouraged. Operators of BBS'S may
post CHECKBOOK MANAGER for downloading by users or members.

Distributors of public domain or user-supported software may
distribute copies of CHECKBOOK MANAGER subject to the conditions in
the license granted above. Please contact RAMSAL SOFTWARE, INC. for
additional programs and information on exciting distribution offers
currently available including our personalized line of software.


RAMSAL SOFTWARE, INC. makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or
implied, including without limitation, any warranties of
merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. RAMSAL
SOFTWARE, INC. shall not be liable for any damages, whether direct,
indirect, special, or consequential arising from a failure of this
program to operate in the manner desired by the user. RAMSAL
SOFTWARE, INC shall not be liable for any damage to data or property
which may be caused directly or indirectly by the use of this

In no event will RAMSAL SOFTWARE, INC. be liable for any damages,
including any lost profits, savings or other consequential or
incidental damages arising out of use or improper use or inability
to use this program, or for any claim by any other party.

end of file.

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