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Financial Calculator will help you evaluate your loan and investment decisions without the problems of trying to calculate complicated formulas.
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Financial Calculator will help you evaluate your loan and investment decisions without the problems of trying to calculate complicated formulas.
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Contents of the FC.DOC file



Financial Calculator was designed to help you evaluate your loan and
investment decisions without the problems of trying to calculate
complicated formulas. All options are fairly self-explanatory although
additional help can be obtained by pressing the key at anytime.
For more information on the program press the key to access the
Program Information section.

I highly recommend that you review the Program Information section and
the Help On Keys section (press to select this option) in
order to get the most out of this program.

For those of you who have used previous versions of Financial
Calculator, I'm sure you are going to be pleasantly surprised at the
changes made in this version. I'm not about to try and detail every
change made, however, the following list will highlight the major

1 - The data entry portion of the program has been greatly enhanced.
In previous versions the only "editing" available was the ability to
erase an entry by backspacing over the number. Data is now entered
into "fields" which allows you to delete a specific portion of an
entry, insert spaces, delete the entire number (Control/BackSpace),
Home/End keys, etc. etc. etc. For more detail on the editing features
press the Help Key and then select the "Help On Keys" option.

2 - In previous versions, after you had calculated an answer you had to
return to the Main Menu and re-select the option in order to calculate
another answer. Now you have the option to re-enter your data without
having to go back to the Main Menu.
(Thanks to Russ M. of Little Rock, Arkansas for the suggestion!)

3 - The help screens have been changed to allow you to go scroll to the
next page and to the previous page. You also have the option of
returning back to the option without having to scroll through all the

4 - A "User Profile" section was added to let you customize the colors
and variables the way you want them. By pressing the key at the
Main Menu you will be able to change the screen/text/input colors to
whatever you like. In addition, you can enter default values for the
interest rate, compounding periods, and term. With the defaults in
place the values you entered will already be filled in on the options
that need them (of course you can still change these numbers if you
want). One last addition to the User Profile is the ability to have
the key come on automatically when the program is started.
Some people find it annoying to have on, so the option is now
up to you (again thanks to Russ M. for the suggestion...).

The rest of the changes I will leave up to you to discover. Now, on to
the new menu options...

There are 3 new menu options in this version: Variable Rate
Amortization Schedule, Interest Rate On A Loan, and Monthly Deposit
Needed For A Future Value.

Variable Rate Amortization Schedule :
Since loans that vary the interest rates with inflation, prime rates,
etc. have become so popular this option was a natural to include in the
program. The Variable Rate Schedule works the same as the regular
Amortization Schedule except that you can enter a separate interest
rate for each year of the loan.
(Thanks to Teresa L. of Miami, Florida for this one...)

Interest Rate On A Loan :
I've always found it annoying that a salesperson will tell you how much
the item is, the "low" payments that will be made and how long you will
be paying for the item, but they never want to tell you the interest
rate of the loan. Of course the reason is usually because it is so
outrageous that they don't want you to know. Well now you have a way
to find out! All you do is enter the loan amount, payments due
(monthly) and term of the loan and let Financial Calculator do the

Monthly Deposit Needed For A Future Value :
Although there is an option available to find out the lumpsum deposit
needed for a future value, unless you are a millionaire the deposit is
usually a little more than you can afford. Most people find it much
easier to reach their goal by putting away a little at a time into
their savings account. This option will tell you just how much you
need to save each month in order to reach that goal.
(Thanks to Peter W. of Kensington, Maryland for his suggestion)

This program was distributed with the following files :
FC_V36 .EXE - Main program file (type FC_V36 to run the program). You
may rename this FC.EXE.
FC .HLP - Contains the help screens that are accessed when you
press the or keys. This file MUST be in the
current drive/directory where you started the program
in order to be accessed. Do not rename/delete this file.
FCPROFIL.DAT - Contains the default colors & values used by the program.
Any changes to the colors/values are saved into this file.
Do not rename this file.
FC .DOC - The file you are currently reading.

If you received this program without all of these files, please notify the
author. This program may be distributed freely as long as all of the above
mentioned files are distributed intact and unaltered.

Just a reminder that this program is being distributed as ShareWare!
You may distribute this program freely as long as it (and ALL
accompanying files) are not altered in any way. As shareware, you do
not have to pay any money for this program unless you continue to use
it. If you find this program useful and continue to use it you must
register your copy of the program. (The registration fee is only

As a registered user you are entitled to receive the next revision free
of charge. In addition, you will notified of any new revisions (all
releases are uploaded to the GEnie BBS). Also, if you have any special
financial functions you would like to see, I will do my best to
accommodate you. See the Program Information section (press at
any screen) for more details!

To register your copy send a one-time registration fee of $10.00 to:

Jim Morgenthaler
3700 LightLand Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76137

Please include your mailing address, the version number and your
GEnie E-Mail address (if applicable).

I hope that you find this program useful and would appreciate any
feedback (good or bad) so that any future additions can be improved.
Without the support of the users most of the options in this program
would probably never have been added. YOUR OPINION DOES MAKE A
DIFFERENCE. If you have any comments, send them to the above address
or to GEnie E-Mail address : MORGENTHALER

Thank you for your support....
Jim Morgenthaler

P.S. Some monochrome monitors are unable to properly display color
characters (the screens will appear blurred / fuzzy on the screen).
If you experience this type of problem run the DOS program MODE before
running this program. Insert the DOS disk and enter the command
"MODE BW/80" (without the quotation marks of course). After you have
loaded Financial Calculator, access the User Profile section (press
the key) and change the colors to your liking.

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